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9820 - Four-Day Week - Recommended for Deletion

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1. Purpose:

The primary purpose of the four-day week is to increase student instructional time on task, in schools where the circumstances are such that students would benefit. A secondary consideration is the potential for some cost savings in areas such as energy, transportation, and substitute teachers.

2. Policy:

3. Procedure:

3.1. The basic concept of the four-day week is to extend the school day for four days (Monday through Thursday) in lieu of holding classes a fifth day, with the calendar and schedule adopted equaling the equivalent of 180 days of school. 

3.2. Modifications to the regular school calendar: Listed below are the modifications to the 1990-91 regular school calendar for the implementation of the four-day week schedule. Similar modifications will need to be made in future years, depending on the regular school calendar that is adopted.

3.2.1. There are 34 Fridays when regular school is scheduled on the 1990-91 non-year-round school calendar in which school would not be held in schools on the four-day week. 

3.2.2. School would be in session for 146 days in schools on the four-day week. These days would be the same as those scheduled on the non-year-round calendar except school begins for students on August 27 instead of August 23 (for the 1990-91 school year) and no school would be held on Fridays.

3.2.3. A minimum of 80 minutes of instructional time, per day, would need to be added to the minimum school day for each of the 146 days school is held in schools on the four-day week.

3.2.4. Teachers in schools on the four-day week would need to fulfill their career ladder days as scheduled: January 18, 1991; March 1, 1991, and March 22, 1991. In addition, November 2 (F) (instead of November 5) is the career ladder day for secondary schools. November 9 (F) (instead of November 5) is the career ladder day for elementary schools.

3.2.5. Teachers will report on August 21, 22, and 23 to prepare for school opening; and the last day for teachers on the four-day week schedule will be Friday, May 31.

4. Scheduling Implications:

The following guidelines should be adhered to as much as possible:

4.1. Extra-curricular activities are to be scheduled so that students and teachers do not miss school on Monday through Thursday of each week. 

4.2. Activities are to be scheduled on Thursday evenings, Fridays and Saturdays. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings are to be left free of school events as well as extra curricular activities.

4.3. Limited school programs and assemblies may be scheduled during the regular school day. Special attention should be given to all assemblies and programs to ensure that they are focusing on a specific purpose and as far as possible, related to the curriculum. It is suggested that a committee assigned by the principal review contents of each assembly prior to the presentation.

4.4. Parents and communities are encouraged to schedule doctor, dental, and other appointments, as well as funerals, on days when school is not scheduled.

4.5. Schools on the four-day schedule are encouraged to coordinate schedules as closely as possible with other schools in the area.

5. Personnel Implications:

5.1. Certified personnel will work the equivalent of five days in four days during Monday through Thursday in accordance with the minimum school day District policy and other applicable District policies. 

5.2. Classified media and secretarial personnel will work during the days school is held as contracted and scheduled.

5.3. Classified custodial personnel will work five days per week as contracted and scheduled

5.4. Chapter One and other special programs classified personnel will work the days school is held, contracted and scheduled.

5.5. Classified school lunch personnel will work the school days that lunch is served and a clean up day(s) if authorized by the District.

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