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A145 - Dixie Student Leadership Academy

 Administrative Rule for Dixie Student Leadership Academy


Dixie Student Leadership Academy is a Washington County School District Program affiliated with the leadership and volunteer support of Leadership Dixie. Joint participation allows students to obtain authentic leadership and meaningful work experience through networking with business and current leaders volunteering their time to mentor selected WCSD students by educating them on the benefits of the community, career opportunities, and future leadership roles.

Leadership Dixie is a private local community education program unaffiliated with Washington County School District that enhances the knowledge and skills of Washington County’s new and seasoned community leaders.  Its mission and purpose is to develop a corps of informed, qualified individuals capable of providing dynamic leadership. Participants in this private program meet one day each month, from August through May, to participate in a “Challenge Day.” The Challenge Day is devoted to a theme, with topics ranging from history, government, business, law enforcement, education, health, area growth, parks, and recreation, to cultural diversity.  As an offshoot of that experience participants offer volunteer support, creating the vision for and interest in volunteering in the Dixie Student Leadership Academy.

Academic Advisors consists of school counselors, educators, advisors, or those predetermined, preapproved and paid for by the Washington County School District to be responsible for student transportation, attendance and participation in the monthly Challenge Days.

Advisory Board  consists of up to 24, unpaid volunteer Washington County citizens who meet monthly (or more often as needed) for the purpose of planning, executing Challenge Day details, ensuring successful program logistics such as speakers, location(s) and food.

Volunteers will comply with the handbook of basic procedures provided to all volunteers in the program.  Volunteers who serve on the Advisory Board or who participate in overnight activities will comply with the Washington County School District Volunteer Policy,  Background Check / Fingerprinting requirements, and comprehensive training.

Program Fees:  Beginning in 2020, program participation fees will be established and set by the Washington County School District Board of Education subject to District Policy and State law. As a standard, no refunds will be given for any fees (which must be disclosed on the registration form). Any refund given, full or partial, of the application and/or participation fees may be determined on a case-by-case basis.



  • Students may apply on their own or can be nominated by their teachers, counselors, advisors, coaches or other mentors outside the school.
  • Students are not required to hold a leadership position in their school to apply.
  • Any juniors or seniors who have and maintain a 3.0+ GPA can participate.
  • Students must attend one (1) of the Washington County School District approved high schools, without early graduation.
  • The Advisory Board may set additional requirements for participation in and /or graduation from the program as long as these conditions follow Washington County School District Policies, are non-discriminatory, and are disclosed on the registration form.



Participant Application Submission:  Applications for the program are open from April 1-15 each year.  Eligible students must provide a completed application, a current school transcript to verify a minimum 3.0 GPA, and two (2) letters of recommendation - one (1) letter from a school teacher/counselor/advisor/coach describing classroom behavior and the student's ability to miss one day of school each month to attend Challenge Days, and one (1) letter from someone, not related to the student, who has worked with the applicant and can attest to their character and leadership potential.  Applications must be signed by the applicant and the applicant's parent or legal guardian, then submitted (along with supplemental documents) to the Counseling Office or the program advisor at the school which they will be attending the following year by the application deadline.

  • A selection panel, which is determined by each individual school's advisor for participants from their school, will consist of the in-school advisor and at least four (4) other non-biased individuals.  These individuals may consist of prior Leadership Academy student participants, members of the Leadership Academy Advisory Board, teacher or staff members in their school, or outside volunteers who the advisor deems competent in assisting with the selection based on their occupation, career, or service in the community.  If there is a tie vote between the selection panel members, the school's advisor vote will break the tie.
  • The selection of participants will be based on several factors, to include; an interview with members of the selection panel, the application and letters of recommendation, the student’s ability to maintain a 3.0+ GPA, the probability of conflicts with attendance and/or participation in the Leadership Academy Challenge Days, retreat or program activities, the student’s commitment to serving others, and their potential for future leadership roles.
  • Upon the selection panel’s decision, each school’s advisor will provide registration forms to the approved participants, which must be completed and signed by the student and their parents or legal guardian. Each school’s advisor will present its selected students’ registration forms and approved fees to the Board by the May Board meeting.
  • Approximately 25± total students are selected from District high schools to participate each year.

Intern Application Submission: Two (2) interns will be selected each year from juniors in the prior class to sit on the Advisory Board. The interns will be given responsibilities assigned by the Advisory Board which will assist in the planning and implementation of Challenge Days and other activities, be required to attend the Challenge Days and activities, and to fraternize with the participants in the current class for insight into how the program can be tuned to meet their needs.

  • Applications for interns will be available the 4th Tuesday in March and must be submitted, along with letters of recommendation, to an Advisory Board member by the stated deadline on the application. The Advisory Board will vote upon the applicants during the May Board meeting to determine who will serve.



  • Selectees participate in off-campus field trips with their peers, District and Academy Advisors, as well as community volunteers who share their knowledge and expertise for that day's topic. These monthly, 5-hour training sessions (which take place from 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. during the school day and are officially excused by the District) are called "Challenge Days." Students participate in interactive, hands-on activities as they network with local business professionals and learn to become successful contributors in their community. ​
  • The Pine Valley Leadership Retreat is a mandatory overnight activity held at the Dixie State University cabin in Pine Valley. Students must attend the majority of the retreat in order to participate in the program. Bus transportation is provided by each local Washington County School District high school and rotates responsibility annually. Participants must obtain parental approval.  Although District policy prohibits overnight activities that are not associated with travel that requires an overnight stay, the Washington County Board of Education has approved this overnight leadership retreat as an exception. 



  • Intern applications available by 4th Tuesday in March (in conjunction with Community Service Day)
  • Student promotion activity by April 1
  • Open student application period: April 1–15
  • Intern application submission by April 4th (or the Friday before the 2nd Tuesday in April)
  • Student application submission by April 15
  • New board member applications available by May 1
  • Student selection process completed by May 7
  • New board member applications by May 11 (or the Friday before the 3rd Tuesday in May)
  • Student registration, fee, and photo submission by May 15 (or the Wednesday prior to Graduation)

      Challenge Days  (Dates or topics may adjust, as deemed necessary)

  • August: Student/Parent Orientation Night – 4th Tuesday
  • September (Required Attendance): Leadership Retreat in Pine Valley (Overnight) – 4th Monday & Tuesday
  • October: Dixie Day: Past, Present & Future – 4th Tuesday
  • November: Healthcare & Technology Day – Thursday prior to Thanksgiving (in conjunction with Jubilee of Trees)
  • (No Challenge Days in December)
  • January: Law Day – 4th Tuesday
  • February: Economic Development Day – 4th Tuesday
  • March: Community Service Day (Presentation of Schools’ Service Projects) – 4th Tuesday
  • April: Graduation Ceremony; includes luncheon with parents –3rd Tuesday

       Board Meetings (4:00-5:30 p.m.)

  • 3rd Tuesdays of month (exception of April; 2nd Tuesday)
  • No board meeting in December

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