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7020 - In-State Field and Activity Trips

 Transportation Management Washington County School District-Approved 9-12-06. 5-13-08, Revised 12-09-14.

1. Purpose:

The trip needs to be curriculum related and educationally sound with a focus to improve student achievement.  Students who participate in activities are more likely to succeed academically.

2. Policy:

Trips should be taken in as close as possible proximity to the school.  All overnight trips must be approved by appropriate administration.  Students are expected to follow the same rules on the school bus as they follow in school.

3. Procedure:

3.1.      Definitions:

3.1.1. RESERVED: Definition deleted under midterm-negotiated agreement dated 3/9/99.

3.1.2. RESERVED: Definition deleted under midterm-negotiated agreement dated 3/9/99.

3.1.3. Responsibilities of the bus driver: The driver should not be in a position to supervise students. The advisor has the responsibility of supervising students. Drivers must be aware of safety issues with students. If students are not in compliance with safety guidelines, the driver should make the advisor aware of it so that the problem can be solved. The driver should not be making personal trips that add to the mileage expense while working. The driver is the only person authorized to open the under-storage bins and emergency exits except in the event of an actual emergency.

3.1.4. Responsibility of the advisor: A school advisor is present while students are on the bus and is responsible for the welfare of the students while traveling. He/she has the responsibility of making sure the students follow safety guidelines. It is the advisor's responsibility, not the bus driver's, to correct students that are out of line. Advisors should not be asking drivers to supervise students. The advisor should not ask the driver to go beyond travel indicated on the travel request. The advisor should ensure that trash and extra items are removed from the bus at the end of each trip

3.2.      It is the school's responsibility to submit travel requests as described in School Procedures for Travel Requests (found on the home page).

3.3.      Any request requiring District administrator approval for funding needs to be in 15 days prior to the trip.  All other requests need to be in 10 days before the trip.

3.4.      Field trips should not be scheduled during the first two weeks of school.  Additionally, with the exception of senior activity trips, secondary field trips should not be scheduled during the last two weeks of school.  (Neg. 5-15-00)

3.5.      Written permission should be received from parents allowing students to participate in field trips.

3.6.      Trips should have a proper ratio of adults for supervision and group control.  Refer to policy 3635, paragraph 3.2.2.

3.7.      Senior Trips.  High schools will be permitted one day a year to schedule a senior activity day.

3.8.      Should the Board or designee deem it necessary to cancel a trip due to unanticipated risk factors after the trip has been booked, it will not be responsible for any financial loss.

3.9.      Elementary (K-7) field trips shall be limited to 150 miles one way.  No overnight trips are permitted.  Exceptions must be approved by the Superintendent or designee.

3.10.    The coordinator of District-scheduled events that require multiple school buses shall submit dates of organized events to the Transportation Department prior to each school year.  This will create a blackout day on the transportation calendar.

3.11.    Coordinating Bus Rides.  When requests are received from schools to attend various functions, coordination of buses will be done on the District level where two or more schools could be asked to travel in the same bus to the same function.

3.12.    Junior varsity, sophomore, and freshman teams traveling independent of the varsity will be restricted to region boundaries or 150-mile limit.

3.13.    For traveling purposes, the following locations will be considered region schools: Beaver, Canyon View, Cedar City, Dixie, Enterprise, Hurricane, Kanab, Lincoln County, Moapa Valley, Parowan, Pine View, Snow Canyon, Valley, Delta, and Virgin Valley.

3.14.    Participation within region boundaries established by the UHSAA is permissible.

3.15.    Travel to clinics, camps, workshops, etc. will not be subsidized by District funds.

Form 1014-Field Trip Permission

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