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7050 - Employee Travel

 Transportation Management Washington County School District - Approved 9-12-06; Revised 3-4-14

1.  Purpose

To follow the mission of the School District.

2.  Policy

To acquire knowledge and keep abreast of new developments to enrich the educational experience for District students.  Reference Administrative Letter 25.

3.  Procedure

3.1. In-District Travel for Employees- Approved 8-79 (Revised 6-12-90)

3.1.1. Reimbursement for travel is found in Administrative Letter 25.

3.1.2. Transportation will be provided, or mileage will be paid for a specified number of vehicles to District-sponsored workshops if the distance involved is greater than ten miles one way. Principals are to coordinate transportation arrangements for members of the school staff attending District-sponsored workshops and meetings.

3.2. District Out-of-State Travel- See Administrative Letter No. 25 for administrative conference/travel guidelines.

3.2.1 Allowance for Expense to Out-of-State Conventions. Allowance for board members and other employees who are authorized by policy or special action of the board to attend conventions out of the State of Utah, shall be determined separately in each individual case.

3.2.2. Request(s) for out-of-state travel must be submitted to the District Office 30 (thirty) days prior to travel date and must include a detailed itinerary that includes a daily schedule and a cost break-down of all expenses related to the request.  It must also have the approval of the building administrator.

       3.3. Out-of-State Trips Involving District Employees But Not Sponsored by WCSD:

3.3.1. A school employee who organizes an outside special program or trip not covered by the district out-of-state trip policy must not use his or her position, school time, district resources, or special access to information about the students, including names and addresses to promote, advertise, solicit, or require outside student travel and must ensure a complete and absolute separation of the School District, schools, and other district entities from the activity trip to include special meetings, finances, and recruitment of students.  Participants in the program or activity must sign a letter of acknowledgment that the School District has not sponsored or sanctioned in any way the proposed activity or program.

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