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6200 - Computer Acquisition, Inventory Management, and Maintenance

 Computer Acquisition, Inventory Management and Maintenance, Washington County School District (Approved 12-14-2004)

1. Purpose

Inventory personnel and school principals (see section 5120-3 of District policy) are responsiblefor tracking, monitoring, and safeguarding all inventory within the District. Tracking of allinventory will increase accountability and avoid potential loss, replacement, and displacement.However, computer inventory poses some special issues that require additional considerationsregarding inventory, management, and maintenance. 

1.1. Computers generally have a shorter useful lifetime than many other resources managedby the schools and District. 

1.2. As computers age, the types of uses for particular machines change. 

1.3. Computers are often moved within the schools and in many cases from school toschool. 

1.4. The large number of computers present problems with: 

1.4.1. Identifying specific computers 

1.4.2. Storing computers of questionable use 

1.4.3. Maintenance, repair, and updating machines 

1.4.4. Reassigning computers to different locations 

1.4.5. Keeping track of all the changes regarding condition, location, and status of themachines 

1.4.6. Discarding machines at the end of their useful life cycle.

1.5. Requirements for maintenance and support on computers change yearly. 

1.6. Regulations regarding the discarding of computers has become very dynamic. 

1.7. District Technology personnel have the necessary expertise to make judgments withregard to the usefulness of the computer technology. 

It is for these reasons that a separate policy governing the management of computer technology isnecessary. Therefore, technology personnel must be responsible in tracking, monitoring, and safeguarding the computer technology inventory. Technology personnel are also responsible for determining the usefulness of each computer system and when each system should be discarded.

2. Policy

2.1. Computer inventory maintenance is to comply with government auditing standards toavoid penalty and reduction in State funding. 

2.3. Computer inventory is not to be altered, removed, or destroyed without appropriateDistrict Technology Office approval. 

2.4. Computer Inventory is not to be loaned or rented without appropriate Principal orDistrict Office approval. (See section 5200-3.8 of District policy.) 

2.5. Computer inventory purchased with categorical funds for special programs is not tobe transferred outside the program area without District Department approval. 

2.6. A complete computer inventory of all schools and District Office is to be done eachschool year to verify inventory accuracy. This is to include all computers, monitors,and printers.

3. Procedures

3.1. Definitions 

3.1.1. Mini-labs means computers set up in a classroom for student us. 

3.1.2. Useful life means computers that meet requirements to support the operatingsystem, attached peripherals, and software supported by the District TechnologyOffice as outlined in the District Technology Office Hardware Requirementsdocument.

3.2.. Acquisition 

3.2.1. Approval for the purchase of computer technology must be acquired by theDistrict Technology Office for all computer technology supported by the DistrictTechnology Office. 

3.2.2. Equipment donated to the District or schools must meet specific requirements asoutlined in the current Hardware Requirements document maintained at theDistrict Technology Office. 

3.2.3. Requirements A detailed description of hardware requirements is updated yearlyand provided by the District Technology Office for all acquisition of computerequipment.

3.3. Support, Repair, and Maintenance 

3.3.1. All computer equipment in need of support and/or repair must be reported to theDistrict Technology Office through the District Tech Request process 

3.3.2. The District Technology Repair Shop will support and repair all computers thatmeet criteria for hardware requirements as outlined in the HardwareRequirements document, and 

3.3.3. Equipment submitted for repair must meet the guidelines outlined in theHardware Repair Procedures and Guidelines document which will be updatedyearly.

3.5. Mini-labs. There is a set of criteria for the installation and support of mini-labs. Thecriteria document is maintained by the District Technology Office and kept on theDistrict Technology Web site. 

3.6. Transferring 

3.6.1. Information regarding the transfer of computers within a school will bemaintained by the school inventory person, and that information must also be sentto the District Technology Inventory Manager. 

3.6.2. Transferring computers from one school to another should only occur with thepermission of the District Technology Office and a building level administrator. 

3.6.3. Any transfer of equipment must be recorded on the Technology Transfer orDiscard Form 630 and a copy of the form must be given to each Principal,inventory management person and a copy sent to the District Technology Office.

3.7. Discarding 

3.7.1. Equipment may be discarded if (1) it is no longer supported by the DistrictTechnology Repair shop as outlined in the current Hardware Repair Proceduresand Guidelines document, and (2) if it has reached the end of its useful life. 

3.7.2. The Technology Transfer or Discard Form 630 must be completed for allcomputer technology being discarded and a copy of the form must be given to theprincipal, inventory management person and a copy sent to the DistrictTechnology Office. 

3.7.3. The District Technology Inventory Manager must be contacted before discardingany equipment for instructions on how to discard the equipment.

3.8. Turning Over Discarded Equipment to Qualified Students 

3.8.1. Computer technology can be given away to students who qualify if it meets thefollowing criteria:

(1) the equipment has gone through the discard process;

(2) thehard drive has been reformatted and the operating system placed back on thecomputer;

(3) an open source office software product has been placed on thecomputer; and

(4) computers are given away to qualifying students on a first-come-first-serve basis. 

3.8.2. Computers may be given to students who qualify for free or reduced lunch. 

3.8.3. Students and parents must sign Discarded Computer Agreement Form 632.

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