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5110 - Architectural Guidelines

 Buildings, Grounds, Equipment Washington County School District - Adopted 3-12-98; Revised 1-9-01

1. Purpose:

These guidelines are for the purpose of clarifying the position of the Washington County School District relative to architectural services.

2. Policy:

3. Procedure:

3.1. INCENTIVE FOR ARCHITECT to deliver the best possible building at the most reasonable price without compromising quality. Therefore, the architectural contract will have the addendum that a total budget for the project and a base price per square foot will be established by the Board of Education, upon which architectural compensation will be paid. The architect will be paid a percentage (as agreed by the Board and architect) of the project cost within the established budget. If the total project cost comes in under the budget established by the Board, and the quality is satisfactory to the Board, the architect will receive a percentage of the savings as established by the Board. If the project goes over the established budget, the architect will not be paid compensation on the amount of the overage. 

3.2. VALUE ENGINEERING REQUIRED ON EACH PROJECT for the purpose of keeping the cost of the project as low as possible and maintaining the best quality possible, and for getting meaningful input from local contractors, sub-contractors, Board Members, and District staff, with this input being given "early on" in the project planning process.

3.3. FORMAL BOARD REVIEW AND APPROVAL of the project plans is to be done before the project is put out to bid.

3.4. USE OF A DUPLICATE PLAN OF AN EXISTING BUILDING--If this is done, the Board expects that the architectural fee will be significantly lower for those projects, than would be the case for an original plan not used previously.

3.5. FEATURES ADDED TO SCHOOLS, GROUNDS, EQUIPMENT, ETC. for which funds are being raised by the local community and which go beyond the basic standards must be paid for before the project goes out to bid in accorandance with 63G-6A. Such projects must, also, have Board approval. Exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Board.

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