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5210 - Use of School Buildings and Facilities by Community Agencies

 Buildings, Grounds, Equipment Washington County School District (Approved 9-11-01)

1. Purpose:

The Board of Education feels that school facilities are owned by the public and should therefore be made available for any and all public uses of an educational, cultural, recreational or community-well-being nature whenever such use does not interfere with the regular school program or school activities. 2. Policy: (Extract from the School Laws: 53-21-4 and 53-21-5)

2. Policy:

2.1. Whenever, in its judgment, a Board of Education deems it inadvisable to permit the use of such school property for the purpose requested, it may refuse to allow the use of the building for other than school purposes." 

2.2. "All Boards of Education may permit public school houses, when not occupied for school purposes, and when the use thereof will not interfere in any way with school purposes, to be used for any other purposes that will not interfere with the seating or other furniture or property and shall make such charges for the use of the same as they decide to be just; provided that the District shall be at no expense for fuel or service of any kind of any such use or privilege and that public school houses shall not be used for commercial purposes."

3. Procedure:

3.1. In compliance with legal requirements the Board feels that the charges should be kept to the lowest legal limit, yet as near the actual cost of operation as can be reasonably estimated.

3.2. The Board is concerned with the problem of protecting public owned property and maintaining decorum in keeping with the standards and ideals of the public school program. Smoking of tobacco, use of drugs, drinking of liquor, undue rowdyism or the use of profane language on school premises shall be prohibited.

3.3. In order to maintain the above standards, the Board, through its employed personnel, shall give such assistance as is reasonable but the responsibility for the above rests with the groups or agency using the building.

3.4. The principal of the school is charged with the responsibility of the building. Applications for its use should be filed with him. He/she delegates responsibilities for necessary services to the custodian and other employees and is empowered to deny the use of the building to any group who failed to comply with these policies.

3.5. Responsible adult leadership must always be provided by the group using the building whenever used by minors. (A minor is anyone under 18 years of age.)

3.6. The use of athletic equipment, manual training tools or other educational equipment or supplies, not a fixed part of the spaces being occupied, is permitted under tentative guidelines for community school operation. The use of school owned visual aid equipment (projectors, films, etc.) is not permitted unless operated by school personnel, and equipment is not to be used for commercial purposes. When technical equipment is part of the rental agreement, a technical (certified) school employee must be present. If the rental agreement is in excess of $300, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required.

3.7. A key to buildings or rooms will not be given to rental groups. An administrator, custodian, or school employee must open the building and/or rooms. (Partnership groups are not included.)

3.8. A school may retain 30% of the rental agreement payment.

3.9. See application form for fee schedule.

3.9. The Washington County School District is in partnership with Dixie State College, Community Education programs, and City Recreation and Leisure Services. No rental fee is required from the above-mentioned programs.

3.10. Schools are required to submit a yearly report on the use of rental(s) of their building and facilities.

4. Principal Responsible for the Loan or Rental of School Facilities

The principals, during the time he/she is under contract, and at other times the Superintendent only, shall be responsible for permitting the use of school buildings by the public or out-of-school groups and then only accordance with rules pertaining thereto. Technical equipment such as projects may be used only if a competent school person operates the same. Furniture and other equipment may be loaned for public or civic organizations use away from the building in which it is usually used, if the borrower signs for the articles loaned and pays for any damage which may occur. (School buildings and/or equipment not to be used for commercial purposes.)

5. Non-Student Use of Equipment and Facilities.

School District facilities and equipment have been provided from local, state, and Federal funds in order for the School District to conduct quality educational programs. School District buildings and equipment are to be used to provide training for students officially enrolled in District-conducted educational programs and are not to be used by persons not enrolled in classes conducted or authorized by the District.

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Request for Use of School Facilities Agreement

Facility Rental Fees


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