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5430 - Housing Priorities Precedures for Elementary Schools

 Approved 6-10-97; Revised 3-9-99; Revised 11-13-01

2. Policy

3. Procedure:

It is the goal of the Washington County School District Board of Education to promote cost effective ways of housing elementary students in overcrowded areas of the District. The following is a list of guidelines and procedures to be implemented before the need for new construction.

3.1 In general, it is the intent of the Board that: 

3.1.1 Portables (one to three portables consisting of two-six classrooms) will be used to expand the capacity of the school building or before going to the 45-15 year-round model. Beyond six additional portable classrooms, special approval by the Board will be required, because providing additional, or permanent, portables is not the general intent of the Board. 

3.1.2 Phase II schools will be built initially, rather than Phase I schools in areas where growth is anticipated.

3.2. Phase I Elementary Schools

3.2.1 When a Phase 1 elementary schools reaches 100%+ enrollment, the school will be provided, on a temporary basis, up to three portables (six classrooms) to help ease overcrowding. Year-round scheduling is difficult in Phase I because of the number of students. 

3.2.2 Once a Phase 1 school nears 100%+ enrollment, and then begins adding portables, plans will be made to implement one or more of the following alternatives: Initiate construction of Phase 2 based on District building priorities and availability of capital funds. Initiate a boundary change if neighboring schools have available space or have declining enrollment. Initiate 45-15 year-round model while waiting for Phase 2 to be completed or if growth rate is faster than anticipated.

3.3 Phase 2 Elementary Schools

3.3.1 Phase 2 schools that reach enrollment of 100%+ will make preparations to: First, add up to two portables (consisting of six classrooms) and/or Review enrollment of three other elementary schools to determine need for a new building. Implement the 45-15 year-round model adopted by the District to help alleviate overcrowding.

3.3.2 When a Phase 2 school has enrollment that exceeds 100% of year-round capacity, the following or any combination of the following are alternatives to relieve pressure from the overcrowding, when growth acceleration, and finances, preclude ability to construct needed building(s). Limited use of portables (up to three portables, i.e. six classrooms); and/or Boundary changes; and/or Construction of a new school

3.4 Changing School Schedules - Year-round to traditional

3.4.1 In general, it is the intent of the Board that: Year-round schools are viewed as a way of coping with accelerating growth which cannot be managed by new construction, rather than a permanent housing strategy. Any adjustments to traditional schedules must be approved by the Board. The desires of the community and the school staff will be considered, where possible, in determining the implementation of traditional or year-round schools. Use of portables will be based on: available portables available funds for purchasing portables and number of portables already in the District (to avoid excessive numbers) effect of adding portables (will it provide enough space) number of years change is predicted to last. maintenance and operations cost savings vs. capital costs. Other options may include boundary changes and alternative schedules, such as double sessions, trimester, etc. All of the above will require Board approval.

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