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7200 - Use of District Vehicles and Services

 Transportation Management-Approved 12-10-02, 2-12-08

1. Purpose:

This policy outlines the procedures necessary to insure that District vehicles and related services are appropriately managed for non-school sponsored activities. The District is a public, tax-supported institution; therefore, District owned vehicles and related services must be utilized for District functions only, except in the case of public emergencies or when justified by this policy. All school-sponsored activities are not subject to this policy

2. Policy:

Use of District vehicles and related services will only be considered for community, non-profit activities defined as: city, county, or other governmental sponsored entities non-profit events (St George Marathon, Senior Games, etc.), events in support of other governmental entities (police training, community awareness activities, etc.), in the case of public emergencies where the life or well being of citizens are involved. Washington County School District reserves the right to refuse the use of District vehicles, support equipment, and services to anyone at any time.

3. Procedure:

The following procedure will apply to vehicle and support services use under this policy:

3.1. Submission of the following must be received by the District Office 14 workdays in advance to receive consideration for use of District vehicles and services.

3.1.1. A properly completed and signed request/contract (District Form).

3.1.2. A detailed itinerary.

3.1.3. Administratively acceptable documentation that demonstrates that the private sector (reasonably available transportation companies) is unable to accommodate the specific transportation need(s).

3.1.4. Proof of insurance, with the following minimum amounts of coverage; In the State of Utah travel coverage requirements are $2,000,000 liability, $538,000 personal injury, and $500,000 property damage.

3.1.5. A proper indemnity agreement as detailed in Form A and approved by Risk Management.

3.2. Consideration for approval will be based on receipt and review of the above information subject to District Policy and availability of buses and drivers.

3.3. Non-profit rate is based on the District average cost per hour (driver time, fuel, depreciation, and maintenance). Rates are determined by the transportation department and approved by the Superintendent or designee. The hourly rate is charged from the time the driver reports for duty at the bus garage, until the driver is released from duty at the bus garage. At the time this policy was approved the following rates were in effect. All rates are subject to change at any time, without modification this policy. Approved rates may be obtained from the transportation department.

3.4. The Superintendent or designee reviews, and approves or denies all requests.

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