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4000 - Lesson Plans

 Graduation, Curriculum, Instruction Washington County School District - Adopted 8-79

1. Purpose:

The lesson plan is the basic teaching tool. It is valuable to the teacher because it tells where the learners are going, how they will get there, and when they will arrive.

2. Policy:

All teachers are expected to write lesson plans. Lesson plans shall be made available to the principal and/or supervisor upon request.

3. Procedure:

3.1. Overall yearly plan: Provides an overview of the course in harmony with the District Core Curriculum Planned Course Statement. It indicates the units to be taught and the time devoted. 

3.2. The daily lesson plan: A written account of what a teacher would like to have happen during a certain lesson or class period. It should contain the concept or objective, the time block, the procedure and the instructional materials needed. 

3.3. Substitute teacher plan: Lesson plans for substitute teachers should be carefully planned and written in detail. Detailed plans give the substitute teacher a feeling of confidence and security. The lesson plans should be placed on the teacher's desk in plain view. 

3.4. Each teacher should use the written plan that is most practical and usable for him/her. Lesson plans may be written in a lesson plan book, notebook, log, journal, etc. 

3.5. The degree to which a teacher needs to engage in detailed lesson planning will depend upon the teacher's knowledge of the subject matter and the familiarity with course objectives. The first year teacher must realize that as a general rule, it will be necessary to plan in considerable more detail than the teacher with more experience and training. 

3.6. Teachers should feel free to chart their own course (following the Core Curriculum). The plan should be practical and usable, be economical in terms of teacher time, and strengthen the educational program. 

3.7. Important Parts Of A Lesson Plan

3.7.1. Concept or objectives to be taught (tells the student what they will learn). 

3.7.2. Time block (approximate time you expect to devote to lesson). 

3.7.3. Procedure to be used (design for instruction). 

3.7.4. Materials needed (student/teacher). 

3.7.5. Questions (to check student understanding). 

3.7.6. Independent practice (student time on task). 

3.7.7. Evaluation (student understanding & application).

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