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4210 - Instructional Media

 Instructional Material Washington County School District - Adopted 8-79; Revised 5-9-06

1. Purpose:

To support the educational mission of the School District by providing personnel, facilities, equipment and materials for the use of students and teachers in the teaching-learning process.

2. Policy:

2.1.  Public organizations shall be permitted to use audio-visual aids equipment provided a competent member of the school staff accompanies the machine for the purpose of operating the equipment.

3. Procedure:

3.1. The hours of operation for the District Media Center are normally 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. daily.  Any variations, along with the regular schedule are posted on the District web site at least one week in advance.  This schedule is, also, posted on the District Media Center door.  The District is a member of the  UIMC, to which it pays an annual fee assessed by the State Office of Education and which is calculated from LEA enrolment.  The UIMC is the primary supplier of audio/visual media materials for classroom use within the District. This membership allows an LEA's designated person to participate as a voting member of the consortium, as well as the opportunity to become an elected officer.  The voting member represents the LEA's best interests in the previewing, content, and Statewide purchase of audio/visual media materials through the consortium.  Negotiations by the consortium include pricing, copyright agreements, duplication privileges, broadcast rights, and retention options. The materials obtained are then owned by the LEA and are exclusively for classroom use. Upon the termination of any teacher or aide in the possession of LEA obtained audio/visual media materials, said materials will remain in the possession of the LEA.

The District Media Center will provide duplication services in VHS, DVD, and CD formats.  This service will be for administrators, educators, and non professional in-house trainers, as well as school groups and clubs.  In the case of school groups and clubs, the school and its programs must be the beneficiary.  The District media center will not provide duplication services for use in fundraising projects or activities.  As technology advances, future provisions such as digital streaming will be considered.  The purchase of additional, non-consortium audio/visual media materials will be considered upon recommendation. It must, however, be previewed, evaluated, and fit the core curriculum.  All audio/visual media materials obtained through the consortium will be available for checkout by educators on a 14-day basis.  Damaged or lost items will be limited to the cost of replacement and are the responsibility of the school where the educator is employed.  The District Media Center will maintain/house a permanent archive copy of all allowed consortium materials.

The following statements govern the use of the "District Media Center" by the School District employees:

3.1.1. Provided the duplication agreement is current, school principals and/or school media coordinators may authorize the duplication of UIMC or other materials for inclusion into their respective school media center. The cost of materials will be charged directly to any school account designated by the school. No purchase order is required.   

3.1.2. The District Media Center houses a professional development library of various materials for educator checkout.  These materials are the property of the Professional Development Department and can be checked out for 30 days. Replacement of lost or damaged items is the responsibility of the individual educator to whom the item is checked out. Items that become worn or damaged due to normal use are replaced at the option and expense of the Professional Development Department.

3.1.3.   Projection lamps are available at The District Media Center that schools can order.  Sales are on a cost only basis and can be charged to any school account.

3.1.4.  A workroom containing items such as internet connected computer, die cuts, laminators, copy machine, and Poster Maker is located at the District Media Center.  Paper and other various supplies are available for purchase or can be billed to individual school accounts. Educators can utilize this area during open hours to work on qualified projects.  No purchase order is required.

3.1.5.  Equipment for use in training and presentations is available for checkout from the District Media Center.  Items included, but not limited to, are: audio tape players, CD players, and overheads.

3.1.6   As the need arises, special equipment such as digital cameras, GPS units, digitizing units, and tripods are purchased and made available for checkout at the District Media Center.  Checkout times are flexible on these items.

3.1.7 Resources and current information. including hours of operation, can be found on the District web site at  http://media.washk12.org/.

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