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4215 - Textbook and Instructional Materials

 Instructional Material Washington County School District - Approved 12-10-02

1. Purpose:

Washington County School District will adopt textbooks and instructional materials that are in alignment with content philosophy and instructional strategies of the Utah State Core curriculum. These materials will be used as the principle source of study and provide comprehensive coverage of course content.

2. Policy:

Students will have access to current textbooks and support materials through District-wide participation in efficient textbook adoption procedures for all content areas. (Reference, also, Policy 4220, Review of Instructional Materials.)

3. Procedure:

3.1. Textbook procedures shall include:

3.1.1. District-wide participation in a textbook adoption cycle for the subject areas and grade levels.

3.1.2. Establishment of a District textbook adoption schedule.

3.1.3. Recommendation of textbooks and other instructional materials that support the core curriculum. Each school shall have the discretion to select instructional materials for use by the school. A school may select instructional materials recommended by the State School Board or other instructional materials it considers appropriate to teach the core curriculum. Prior to purchase, it is recommended that schools notify the District Textbook Adoption Committee to insure that the intended purchase is in alignment with District goals, strategies, and standards and textbook adoptions. Prior to purchase, instructional software programs will be reviewed by to the Technology Steering Committee to consider the level of school and District technical support and hardware needs and advise the schools, accordingly.

3.1.4. Establishment of procedures which require coordination between school principals, the District purchasing department, and the suppliers to ensure efficiency and price advantage.

3.1.5. a complete inventory of all textbooks is to be done at the end of each school year to assist in verifying inventory accuracy.

3.1.6. Establishment of procedures for the reuse or disposal of textbooks in the schools. At the end of each school year, the principal of each school shall furnish to the superintendent (or designee) a list of unused or obsolete textbooks. The District will then follow the procedures identified in Utah Code 53G-7-606 for disposal or reuse.

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