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4500 - Issuance of Credit for Non-school Sponsored Experiences

 Release Time Learning Washington County School District - Adopted 8-79

1. Purpose:


2. Policy:

2.1. Specific Items for National Guard: 

2.1.1. Up to three units of credit may be granted for successful completion of Basic Combat Training. One unit may be in physical education and it may be counted towards the P.E. requirement for graduation. The other two units may be elective. 

2.1.2. Up to three units of credit may be granted for Advanced Individual Training, however, each training experience (school) must be evaluated prior to the awarding of credit to see that: Each unit of credit will require a minimum of 160 hours of actual training time. The credit cannot be counted to meet specific graduation requirements such as "two units of social science," unless the course material is specific enough to satisfy the school that it is, in fact, an equivalent course. The other general requirements listed above are met.

2.2. YCC - YEIP. The general policies listed above apply to YCC, YEIP, etc.

3. Procedure:

3.1. Definition: National Guard, Youth Conservation Corp, Youth Employment and Training Programs 

3.2. General Guidelines:

3.2.1. The high schools and school District retain control of the issuance of credit. 

3.2.2. All programs must have the prior approval of the principal and Superintendent. Before approval is given, the school should ascertain that each student has: His/her parents' permission. Clearance from the appropriate school personnel, that the requested program is consistent with the student's "SEOP Plan." That the student is enrolled in the high school at the time the request is approved.

3.2.3. That there be definite written course descriptions which list objectives to be achieved, competencies to be mastered and evaluation to insure student growth.

3.2.4. That there be periodic communication between the school and the sponsoring agency.

3.2.5. That sponsoring agencies submit a final written report on each student. The report should list the number of hours the student spent in each area for which credit is recommended, the competencies mastered and a certificate of successful completion. The report should be delivered within 30 days after the completion of the program.

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