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9201 - Guidelines for Gifted Accelerated Student for College Level Program

 Special Programs Washington County School District-Revised 11-13-01; Revised 8-11-15

1.  Purpose:

To administer a cooperative program with institutions of higher education to meet the needs of high school students.

2.  Policy:

The university level program is based on the following principles:

2.1.  Gifted and subject-superior high school students can and should be allowed to profit from enriched or advanced level courses while completing high school attendance and/or curricular requirements. 

2.2.  One solution to this problem is to form an association between the high school and the university to allow gifted or accelerated high school seniors (and in a few cases high school juniors) to enroll in university courses while they are in high school.

2.3.  University courses taken on the Gifted Accelerated Program should constitute additions to the established high school curriculum.

2.4.  Registration in a university course will result in the establishment of a college transcript and the recording of college credit upon completion of the course. Such credit is applicable toward college degree programs, but such registration does not constitute "matriculation" as a full-time degree-seeking student. Further, it does not imply any abrogation of the school district's legal control of the ungraduated high school student's educational program and uncompleted compulsory school attendance responsibilities.

2.5.  This program does not alter the existing area vocational program, supplements the opportunity for advanced learning in other than the previously established vocational areas.

3.  Procedure:

3.1.  The contact representative of Dixie State University in all matters pertaining to the college-level courses is the Office of Admissions and Registration. 

3.2.  Courses are to be considered Dixie State University courses, subject to all current academic regulations.

3.3.  Grading standards (overall scale) are subject to supervision by appropriate university representatives.

3.4.  To insure the academic integrity of college level courses, formal linkage between the high school and university will be maintained as follows:

3.4.1.  High school students will be expected to perform at the same level as full-time college students. 

3.4.2.  An agreement form will be completed by the high school teacher, counselor, principal, parent or guardian and university instructor, before the student will be admitted to a college course.

3.5.  The student is required to purchase the current college-approved text materials for all courses. Books and other materials will be made available by the university bookstore at standard prices.

3.6.  The student will pay established tuition and registration fees.

4. Criteria for selection of students for college level programs:

4.1.  Student Admission to the College Level Program

  • Completion of a fully signed "Learning Contract/Agreement." (See attached) 

4.2.  Age requirement

  • This program is limited to senior and strongly-recommended junior students.

4.3.  Grade Point Average

  • Overall GPA*: Must be a 3.5 or higher in all high school course work from grade nine to the date of application.
  • GPA* in subject area

High school grades in courses related to the college subject for which the student is applying must be a 3.5 or better.

*If a student does not have the 3.5 GPA and there is a very strong and justifiable teacher, counselor and principal recommendation for a student to be admitted to the program; the teacher, counselor and principal recommendation should take priority over GPA. It is anticipated that this situation would occur only in very unusual circumstances.

5.  Credit

5.1.  High school credit will be awarded as follows: 

5.1.1.  Courses taken during the school day will receive no more than two periods of high school credit for a class of three credits or more. 

5.1.2.  Courses taken outside the school day will be awarded credit according to the following formula:






Note: All college contracted courses and grades must be posted on the high school transcript.







1. The intent of this program is to permit gifted/accelerated high school students to enroll in Dixie State University course work. Students who wish to participate in the Dixie State University/Washington County School District Gifted/Accelerated Student Program must meet the following criteria:

A. Have high school senior standing (selected juniors admitted by special permission only).

B. Have an overall GPA of 3.5 and a college course related subject GPA of 3.5 or better (refer to page 11-10 for exceptions).

C. Have written permission of the recommending teacher, school counselor, school principal, parents or guardian and the university professor/instructor(s)--see form below.

D. Pay standard university tuition and fees and obtain the required course materials.

2. Gifted/accelerated high school students may enroll in Dixie State University classes, during regular school hours, when all steps of this Learning Contract/Agreement have been completed. These classes are not considered concurrent. The grades recorded on the college transcript will, also, be recorded on the student's official high school transcript. All grades posted on the high school transcript will affect the cumulative GPA. Contracted students are requested to submit their college transcript to the high school registrar.


After completion of the course, the Dixie State University Admissions and Registration Office will provide a grade report to the student and to the high school.



I recommend that ________________________________, who is a high school student, be allowed to register for the following course work at Dixie State University:


Dixie State University Course Description


Dixie State University Course Description

______________________________________ ____________________________________

Name of Teacher Making Recommendation Teacher's or Teacher Advisor's Signature or Teacher Advisor

Date: __________________


I have reviewed the above named student's academic progress and certify that he/she is eligible to participate in this advanced university registration program. I believe that this student is scholastically capable of completing the described course work, which will count toward normal high school graduation requirements.

_______________________________________ _____________________________________

Student's Overall GPA (9th Grade Upward) Student's GPA in Related Course(s)

_______________________________________ _____________________________ _________

Name of High School Counselor Counselor's Signature Date



As the legal parent or guardian of the above-named student, I give permission for him/her to be enrolled in the indicated course work at Dixie State University. I agree to hold harmless the university or School District for accident or actions of the student enroute to or from the university as part of this opportunity for special academic training.

Parent's/Guardian's Name Parent's/Guardian's Signature Date



I approve the recommendation that the above-named high school student be permitted off-campus privileges to attend the above listed course(s) at Dixie State University.

______________________________________ __________________________ __________

Name of High School Principal Principal's Signature Date



I accept the above named student for enrollment in the indicated course(s) subject to normal registration procedures and classroom space availability.

______________________________________ ________________________________ __________

Name of Professor Professor's Signature Date

______________________________________ ________________________________ __________

Name of Professor Professor's Signature Date

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