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9600 - Business/School Partnership

 Special Programs Washington County School District

1. Purpose:

There are tremendous advantages to both school and business in establishing a working partnership between the two. Par means equal. To make it a true partnership, it must benefit both parties. If it is a long-term partnership, financial support for the schools may be a likely, natural spin-off. However, if schools are getting into the partnership just for financial support, it will be short lived. The motivation and advantages of a business entering into a partnership with a school are:

1.1. Catalyze support for education

1.2. Foster interest in a career for the applicable subject area(s) of the business

1.3. Augment school curriculum

1.4. Enhance company public image

1.5. Student career exploration

1.6. Future human resource pool

1.7. Business tax deductions

1.8. Intrinsic values - great pride for business when it helps kids, it makes a difference

1.9. Shows community that education is a joint responsibility

2. Policy:

3. Procedure:


3.1.1. Provide opportunities to impact the lives of students in helping them select a suitable career.


3.2.1. Assist with classroom curriculum and instruction 

3.2.2. Joint interactive projects

3.2.3. Career discussions with students

3.2.4. Teacher/student visitations

3.2.5. Summer intern programs for teachers

3.2.6. Adopt-a-school program (individual school, program, or classroom)

3.2.7. Expand cooperative education for high school juniors and seniors

3.2.8. Provide schools with a speakers list: Business name, address, telephone number of person Topic of expertise Time of day available

3.2.9. Schools conduct a career day (seniors provided opportunity through Dixie College).

3.2.10. Provide training materials, media, etc. to help with instructional program, or for schools to help business.


3.3.1. Teacher contract to individual business. 

3.3.2. Business contract schools to set up a more extensive, long-term partnership.

3.3.3. School contact business to set up a more extensive, long-term partnership.

3.3.4. Chamber of Commerce come up with a list of businesses that would like to enter into a partnership with a school(s), classroom or program and in what area or aspects: Specific purpose Specific time period Aptitude of students Interest of students Age or grade level of students Number of students Safety precautions

3.3.5. The schools come up with a list of topics or subjects to have businesses share with a class or program; to help instruct and motivate the students in the world of work or careers. Grade levels Number of students

3.3.6. Joint business/school committee to help match up schools and businesses.

3.3.7. A link-up arena "trade show" of businesses for schools (9th grade) to go talk with.

3.3.8. Schools provide a list of teachers, expertise, interest, times, and dates available for them to do an internship with businesses.

3.3.9. A joint project to come up with training materials and/or media to help teachers teach in classroom or help businesses train on-the-job: Job description or category Length of time Subject area where applicable Age level of audience

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