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9710 - School LAND Trust Program

 Washington County School District (Approved 9-02; revised 5-03; revised 5-04)

1. Purpose:

The School LAND Trust Program presents an opportunity for educators and parents to work together for children.

2. Policy:

The schools in Washington County School District, and School District, will comply in a timely fashion with the requirements for assessing funds and implementing plans for the School LAND Trust Program.

3. Procedure:

3.1. The State Office of Education will act as a coordinator of information and services. The School District will be the contact for schools in the application, approval, implementation, and accountability process.

3.2. The District will appoint an individual to be the contact person.

3.3. Schools will be responsible for meeting the following timelines:

3.3.1. Committee members for the next year will be submitted on-line (http://www.schoollandtrust.org/) by September 26th.

3.3.2. Plan application and the Principal's End-of-Year Report will be submitted on-line (http://www.schoollandtrust.org/) by April 25th with a copy to Superintendent no later than May 1. This information will go to the Board at the May Board meeting for Board review and approval.

3.3.3. Schools will be notified of the Board's approval after the May Board Meeting.

3.3.4. If a school plan has not been approved and schools need to rework their plan, they will be given until May 20th. It will then go back to the Board in the June Board meeting for their review and approval.

3.3.5. Plans have to be approved by the Board before schools receive their share of the School LAND Trust dividend.

3.3.6. If major changes are made to the school plan application, it will need to go to the Board for approval. The contact person at the District office needs to be notified.

3.4. Schools will be notified within two weeks of the time funds become available from the State Office of Education for expenditure by schools with approved plans.

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