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9900 - Utilities Management by Incentive Program - Recommended for Deletion

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1. Purpose:

It is believed that greater awareness of utility costs, coupled with the application of common sense and a generous incentive, could translate into a savings to be used for other needed purposes at each school. Therefore, the purpose of this program is to reduce the costs for utilities (heat, electricity, water and telephone) of each individual school in the District; to enable each school to use 80% of the savings for programs to better meet the needs of the students and school. The other 20% will be available for the Board of Education to enhance energy savings.

This program is not intended to sacrifice the assurance that the buildings and grounds are well maintained nor that the buildings are uncomfortable for students and teachers. Also, the protection of the buildings should not be sacrificed, such as in inclement weather.

2. Policy:

3. Procedure:

3.1. Program Description 

3.1.1. Under the direction of the school principal, a school UTILITIES MANAGEMENT TEAM is established. This team should include, as a minimum, the principal (as team leader), a custodian and a representative from the teaching staff. 

3.1.2. The team should initially establish a mission statement and then each year set specific goal(s) for the school year. Having established targets, the team should then devise strategies to help the school meets its goal(s). Throughout the course of the year, the team should meet as needed to review the utility bills, and then periodically give a status report to the faculty and other employees of the progress being made on conservation efforts, as well as seeking their input. Keeping the issue of utility conservation high on everyone's agenda should represent the major thrust of the team's efforts.

3.1.3. It is suggested that periodically the team could invite a resource person from agencies such as the following to give them suggestions: School District Maintenance Personnel, City Utility Personnel, State of Utah Energy Office (355 West North Temple; 3 Triad Center, Suite 450; Salt Lake City, Utah 84180-1204; 801-538-5428; 801-521-0657 FAX), or people with expertise from the community that might be willing to give suggestions to the team. Any suggestions received for alterations to buildings, grounds or equipment, that the team believes should be implemented, should be recommended to the school's annual prioritization committee.

3.2. Incentives and Rewards

3.2.1. Eighty percent of the utility savings will be returned to the schools. Those schools which use their resources well to conserve utilities can expect substantial financial rewards. It is the school's utilities management team's responsibility to make recommendations as to how these rewards should be distributed and used. 

3.2.2. Rewards and anticipated expenditures should be listed in priority order so as to enable the list to be used for any intermediate range of savings level. This list must be reviewed and approved by the District Superintendent. All materials purchased under the program become the property of the school.

3.2.3. Areas for allocation of savings are: Instructional materials to improve the instructional program. Equipment or materials for the custodial staff to enable them to perform their tasks more effectively. Special programs or activities for students. Physical improvements or furnishings to enhance the school environment. Bonuses to individuals who develop an energy savings idea that saved funds for the school. Recommendations for the school district's employee or volunteer recognition program. Scholarships for students.

3.3. Method of Measurement

3.3.1. The utilities financial savings will be based upon the actual data for the 1990-91 school year ending June 30, 1991. This becomes the base year. The base is to be re-established, from the 1990-91 year every three years to include modifications to buildings and/or equipment, utility rates and other factors. 

3.3.2. Physical facilities square footage and acreage will be as it exists as of June 30, 1991. As future expansion or reductions take place with either of these two factors, the accounting formula will be adjusted in order to keep the base year constant.

3.3.3. The factors of measurement will be:

Electricity = kilowatt hours

Coal = tons (if convert from coal to gas, the first year's savings will be based upon engineer's estimate)

Natural gas or Propane = therms

Water = metered gallons

Telephone = dollar cost

Heating oil = gallons

3.4. Variations in weather formula (see Appendix A)

3.4.1. Reports On a monthly basis, the District Business Administrator is to provide each school principal with a report of utility usage to date, with a comparison figure from the same time the previous year. Each year after June 30th when the final figures are in, the Business Administrator is to compile a report for each school that would show the schools that qualify for the incentive funds. The school's team would then proceed with the awarding of the incentives as outlined under the "Incentives and Rewards" section of this policy.

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