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2010 - Awards

 Students Washington County School District - Adopted 8-79

1. Purpose:

An award system and the awards to be given in schools should be used to promote growth, individual achievement and participation in both curricular and extra-curricular activities according to individual ability. A competitive system of awards should teach all students, by means of realism or example, what is meant by free competition. Great care should be exercised to insure equality of opportunity under the rules.

2. Policy:

2.1. Award programs in secondary schools should be consistent with the award programs approved by the Utah High School Activities Association. 

2.2. School awards may be issued by the school for achievement under the point system or for outstanding specific achievement as provided in the school awards program.

3. Procedure:

3.1. Point SystemIt is recommended that a point system be developed whereby students may count a pre-determined number of points for each achievement recognized in the award system and that the system provide for the accumulation of points earned by any individual student over the years of attendance at the school.

3.2. Special Awards

The school is authorized to accept awards from outside interests or donors to be issued for particular achievements in any chosen area, providing the same is approved by the faculty of the school and is not inconsistent with the general awards program of the school. This type of award should not reflect or in any way interfere with the school award but may amplify the importance of the school award.

3.3. Publication of Awards Encouraged

Publication within the school or in school papers of students achieving recognition in any particular field, whether it be scholarship, special activities, talents, athletics, etc., is to be encouraged.

3.4. Special Award Programs

Awards and recognition for any type of student achievement referred to above or otherwise provided, which are to be recognized in a program or before the public, should be confined to special programs for this purpose.

3.5. Recognition at Graduation Exercises

Special individual recognition for any type of individual achievements other than talent ability for program purposes should be eliminated from graduation exercises.

3.6. Sterling Scholar Program

3.6.1. The Sterling Scholar Program sponsored by the Boards of Education and others in the five southwestern Utah counties, recognizes and encourages excellence in student achievement. 

3.6.2. Each year, each high school in the area will nominate its top senior student in the various academic and vocational programs to compete with students from other schools for substantial scholarships and other forms of recognition.

3.6.3. The schools in the Washington County School District are encouraged to participate in the program.

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