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3110 - Emergency Preparedness

 General Administration/School Management Washington County School District - Adopted 8-79; Revised 12-92 and 12-96

1. Purpose:

The Washington County School District, under the direction of the School Board, is responsible, by law, for civil defense emergency operations in the schools of Washington County. (8-79/12-8-92/12-10-96)

2. Policy:

The individual school staff is basically responsible for the safety of the student body. It becomes the duty of the school principal, with the help of parents and teachers, to develop an Emergency Preparedness Plan for his/her school.

3. Procedure:

3.1. The Emergency Preparedness Plan shall contain a plan for the following:

3.1.1. Measures which assure that school children will receive emergency preparedness training. 

3.1.2. School children shall be provided with training appropriate to their ages in rescue techniques, first aid, safety measures appropriate for specific emergencies, and other emergency skills.

3.1.3. During each school year, all schools shall be in compliance with the State Code for number of fire and emergency drills during the school year.

3.1.4. Resources and materials available for training shall be identified in the plan.

3.1.5. Each school shall conduct an Emergency Preparedness Week prior to October 31 each year.

3.1.6. Civil Defense Warning Service

3.1.7. Action for Building Occupants

3.1.8. Fire

3.1.9. Bomb Threat

3.1.10. Civil Disturbance

3.1.11. Blizzard, Ice, Snow, Thunderstorm, Flood, Earthquake Conditions

3.1.12. Nuclear Attack

3.1.13. General School Safety.

3.2. The Emergency Preparedness Plan should be on file in the office of the principal and the School District office. It shall be up-dated as the need arises due to structure change, etc.

3.3. Principals shall review the Emergency Plan with parents and staff at the beginning of each year.

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