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3635 - Student Overnight Activities

 Activities Management Washington County School District - Adopted 6-08, Revised 12-09-14.

1. Purpose:

The purpose of this policy is to regulate student involvement in overnight student activities.

2. Policy:

2.1.  Approved student activities are NOT to last overnight unless they are associated with travel which requires an overnight stay.

2.1.1.  Activities which require an overnight stay are subject to appropriate supervision by chaperones.

2.1.2.  Slumber parties (sleepovers) or any other overnight activity not associate with required travel are strictly forbidden.

3. Procedure:

3.1. Approved Activities

3.1.1. Approved activities must be approved by the principal or the principal's designee.  They are limited to activities sponsored by the school such as school clubs, classes, teams, special events such as Grad Night or school-sponsored graduation trips, and other student groups with an approved faculty advisor.

3.1.2. Student groups involved in extra curricular or co-curricular activities such as band, choir, drama, forensics, athletics, cheer, clubs, science fairs, history fairs, etc. are approved for overnight travel when necessary.

3.1.3. Prior to any overnight travel, a travel request must be submitted and approved in accordance with the District travel policy.

3.2. Appropriate Supervision

3.2.1. Appropriate supervision for overnight travel is to be provided by chaperones. A chaperon is an adult (over the age of 21) who accompanies and supervises a group of young people in an organized event. A chaperon remains with the assigned group, monitors behavior and must be available at all times day and night. A chaperon must report inappropriate activities or behaviors to the trip sponsor (supervisor).

3.2.2. Overnight travel will be allowed only in grades 8 through 12.  The supervision ratio for such approved travel will be as follows: Two chaperons per bus in transit.    One chaperon for every 20 students on site.

3.3. Non-approved activities

3.3.1. Parties that extend into the early morning hours are strictly forbidden by this policy regardless of the availability of faculty supervision.  At no time will parties that last through the night be approved by school administration.  In the interest of creating a controlled environment for graduation celebrations, special consideration will be given to school-sponsored grad nights.

3.3.2. At no time will school administration sanction, provide supervision for, or make school property available for any overnight activity.  (i.e. "Senior Sunrise" or all night yearbook-signing parties)

3.3.3. School administration may allow the use of school property and facilities for Grad Night and other non-school sponsored overnight activities.  Individuals who volunteer at these activities must be officially registered volunteers with the School District as outlined in policy 1105.

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