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3120 - Fire Drills and Dismissal (Emergencies)

 General Administration/School Management Washington County School District - Adopted 8-79; Revised 12-8-92

1. Purpose:

Each school District must file a compliance statement with the State Board of Education at the end of each school year, certifying that the required drills were conducted in each school in the District during the school year.

2. Policy:

2.1. Upon the conclusion of each school year, the principal shall certify in writing to the Superintendent that the required drills have been conducted. (12/08/92) 

2.2. If it becomes necessary to release students from school because of an emergency such as illness, disciplinary measures, building heat failure, failure of electricity, fire, etc., parents should be notified. 

2.3. If the emergency is total school dismissal, such as building heating, the District Superintendent should be contacted for approval before a decision is made to close school. Otherwise, the principal is to make the decision.

3. Procedure:

3.1. Release from school: 

3.1.1. Parents or guardian should be notified. 

3.1.2. Whenever any student is released from school, other than the regularly scheduled time, the parent or guardian should be notified. 

3.1.3. Whenever an individual or small group of students is released, the telephone or personal contact is suggested. 

3.1.4. If the entire student body is released, the following is suggested: Announcements made over the radio and TV (they are willing to help, if verified by the Superintendent). Telephone calls, room mothers or other delegated parents may be contacted to assist in the communication.

3.2. If school is dismissed, students shall be instructed to go home, with extreme caution, in their usual manner. Bused students will ride their regular bus unless parents specify differently.

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