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3410 - Photograph and Yearbook

 Fees-School Washington County School District - Adopted 12-11-84

1. Purpose:

This policy is for the purpose of clarifying various questions that come up from time-to-time pertaining to photographs and yearbooks.

2. Policy:

2.1. High schools may have yearbooks. 

2.2. Middle schools may have the option of a memory book or class pictures. 

2.3. Elementary schools may have the option of a memory book or class pictures

3. Procedure:

3.1. The photographers may submit an annual bid in writing to the principal of the schools. 

3.2. A principal has the option to retain a photographer for three years, unless there is dissatisfaction on the part of the principal. 

3.3. Photographers are to offer a minimum of three packets and a maximum of four. Photographers are to offer standard sized photographs. 

3.4. No packet shall exceed $20.00. Student photographs are a service provided by the school. No one is required to participate. The purchase of any packet is optional. 

3.5. Principals will take care of yearbook bids and make decisions regarding their school.

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