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3610 - Band Management

 Activities Management Washington County School District - Adopted 11-13-79; Revised 12-11-84; 10-25-10

1. Purpose:

It is believed that participating at public events, such as parades, adds greatly to the band and music programs, it is a very positive motivator for music students in giving them something to "aim" for, and it is a good public relations gesture for the schools.

2. Policy:

2.1. Primary Events In Which The Marching Bands Are Expected To Participate (Not in order of importance.)

2.1.1. Veterans Day Parade/Roll-Off

2.1.2. Homecoming of Home School

2.1.3. Dixie College Homecoming

2.1.4. Optional Parades to participate in: Swiss Days, SUU Homecoming, Cotton Days

2.1.5. Dixie Lion's Round-up Parade(s)

2.1.6. Washington County Fair Parade - Only if held during school year (see 3.1.6)

3. Procedure:

3.1. For invitations to march in parades, the following criteria should be met: 

3.1.1. No conflicts with prior school commitments. 

3.1.2. Does not interfere with events in which a considerable number (or key band members) of the marching band are involved such as: the deer hunt, religious events, etc.

3.1.3. Must have approval of the principal and band director.

3.1.4. There must be at least one month's advance notice.

3.1.5. If participation creates a financial burden on the school or students, adequate compensation should be provided.

3.1.6. It should be during the regular school year.

3.1.7. If the parade is competitive, parade organizers must use the District approved and provided judging form, and selected judges from a list provided by the district fine arts coordinator and approved by all band directors.

3.1.8. It is expected that the parade sponsoring groups would encourage their members to attend the school music programs.

3.2. Uniform - For the primary marching events, full dress uniform is expected.

3.3. Mode Of "Transportation" - Standard marching is expected, but with approval of the director and the principal, other modes of transportation may be used including on trailers, informal marching, etc.

3.4. Bands (Marching) On Middle School Level (Approved 12-11-84) In order to provide training and experience without added expense and travel in the District, the following guidelines are established:

3.4.1. Middle school bands will march only in parades within the community during the school year. 

3.4.2. The expected number of parades to be marched in locally will be limited to two per year, including the Veterans Day competition, however, schools may participate in more if their director and principal approve.

3.4.3. There will be no full uniforms but a common T-shirt type band shirt to be purchased by the student which would be theirs personally at the end of the school year. To aid in the cost, an approved fund raising project could be used.

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