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3340 - School Cafeteria Conduct

 Food Services Management Washington County School District - Adopted 8-79

1. Purpose:

Students are expected to display proper manners and behavior in the school cafeteria. They should follow directions that are agreed upon to make the cafeteria an inviting and desirable place to eat as established by students, teachers, parents, school lunch personnel and the school District office.

2. Policy:

2.1. Students who display misconduct, discourtesy, ill manners, rudeness, etc., in the school cafeteria are subject to losing cafeteria privileges. When cafeteria privileges are taken away, students will be reimbursed for the total price of school lunches missed (that have been paid for), as a result of their exclusion from participating in the school lunch program. 

2.2. When loss of privileges is applied, it should follow as a natural logical form of correction. After the student has had time to examine his/her conduct and discipline himself/herself, he/she can restore himself/herself to full cafeteria privileges.

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