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4010 - Student Aide

 Graduation, Curriculum, Instruction Washington County School District - Revised 06-09-09

1. Purpose:

To provide opportunity for a student to work with a certified (teacher, counselor or administrator) or classified (secretary) school employee to receive credit for this type of learning experience.

2. Policy:

A student cannot enroll for more than one class period, or a total of one year as a student aide, during their middle school/junior high (Grades 8-9) experience combined.  The same limitation of one-credit would be applied to their high school (Grades 10-12) experience.

3. Procedure:

3.1. Course Overview:  Prior to the beginning of a student aide experience, students must attend an orienation workshop provided by the school.  This "Student Aide Workshop" will cover the contents of this policy in detail so that students will know what activities are acceptable and what activities are not.  This workshop will also provide training in the effective use of time and the ethical responsibilities associated with this position.

3.1.1. In this class, students will be assigned to work under the supervision of a teacher, counselor or office secretary. They will be expected to do typing, filing, duplicating, assisting in preparation of non-student, non-confidential records, etc. They should be efficient typists and proficient in spelling, grammar and punctuation usage. They must also be careful proofreaders so that their finished work will reflect credit on the teacher and/or the school. They may also need to be skilled in the use of the telephone. They may be assigned to do other such projects such as creating, preparing and posting bulletin boards and making room or hall displays.

3.1.2. In specialized areas such as shop, science, etc., they must be able to assist in maintenance and repair of equipment and/or taking care of laboratory supplies and equipment.

3.1.3. In order for a student aide to be assigned, there must be a clear demonstration of the need for such aide and evidence of sufficient work to fully occupy his/her time in a meaningful way. If a teacher does not need an aide full time, he/she may share the time of an aide with another teacher.

3.2. Standards for Performance and Appropriate Activities for Student Aides

3.2.1. Treat the class as a professional opportunity.

3.2.2. Keep confidential all sensitive material they may be exposed to.

3.2.3. Be punctual and dependable in attendance.

3.2.4. Be courteous, cooperative, and willing to assist teacher in all assignments.

3.2.5. Type letters, handouts and any other material. (Problem solving)

3.2.6. Type all roll books at beginning of year/semester and prepare class rosters/attendance cards.

3.2.7. Duplicate materials as required by teacher.

3.2.8. Do errands as required by teacher, such as securing materials from IMC, other teachers or offices (such errands are to be confined to school area and are not to extend beyond assigned period).

3.2.9. File materials as desired by teacher.

3.2.10. Repair, maintain and/or clean equipment and supplies.

3.2.11. Under direction of teacher, prepare, construct and post bulletin boards, room displays and/or hall displays.

3.2.12. Maintain a neat and clean work station.

3.2.13. Take inventories, establish and keep current supply records and assist with check-out procedures at close of school.

3.2.14. Assist with computation of grades (as long as the names of the students whose grades are being computed are not known by student aide) under close teacher supervision.

3.2.15. Student aide must be kept productively involved on properly-assigned activities in order to earn credit as an aide.

3.2.16. Honesty, morality, courtesy, obedience to law, respect for parents and home, the dignity and necessity of honest labor, good habits and other desirable citizenship traits will be emphasized by the student aide's supervisor (citizenship).

3.3. Activities Not Acceptable for Student Aide

3.3.1. Access to and/or recording anything in the roll book or grade record sheets.

3.3.2. Access to confidential files and/or information.

3.3.3. Checking roll and recording absences and/or tardies.

3.3.4. Running errands away from school.

3.3.5. Being given assignments of any kind that would extend beyond assigned class period.

3.3.6. Being allowed to leave assigned classroom/office area to roam the halls or sit idly.

3.3.7. Recording of test scores.

3.3.8. Handling of any money or giving receipts.

3.3.9. Typing, duplicating, grading/checking tests.

3.3.10. No privileges beyond those extended to all students will be granted by the teacher to an aide.

Form 912 - Planned Course Statement

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