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4300 - Home Schooling

 Graduation, Curriculum, Instruction Washington County School District - Adopted 5-9-95; Revised 10-13-98; Revised 11-00; Revised 2-10-2015

1. Purpose:

The Board of Education of Washington County School District has established policy and procedure to release school-aged minors (under the age of 14), from Compulsory Education Requirements (Utah Code Ann. 53A-11-101.5), for the purpose of complying with state law, and in observance with a parent's choice to provide home schooling.

 2. Policy:

 2.1. In accordance with Utah Code Ann. 53A-11-102 and 53A-2-201, the local school board may grant parents an excusal from having their school-age minor(s) attend school for a variety of reasons; (52A-11-102(2) including, having the school-age minor(s) attend a home school; given that:

2.1.1.  The parent assumes the sole responsibility for the education of the school-age minor, except to the extent the school-age minor is dual enrolled in a public school as provided in Utah Code Ann. 53A-11-102.5, including:
  • the selection of instructional materials and textbooks
  • the time, place and method of instruction
  • the evaluation of the home school instruction
2.1.2.  The parents must submit to the Washington County School District Student Services Department a signed and notarized affidavit filed in accordance with Subsection (2)(a) which shall remain in effect as long as:
  • the school-age minor attends a home school; and
  • the school district where the affidavit was filed remains the school-age minor's district of residence as defined in Utah Code Ann. 53A-2-201.

 2.1.3.  Students whose parents do not file the required affidavit will not be exempt from compulsory school attendance and will be expected to adhere to District Policy 2900 Attendance.

2.2.  Upon receipt of a signed and notarized affidavit, Washington County School District Student Services Department shall issue within 30 days, a Certificate of Exemption from the Compulsory Education requirements of State Law 53A-11.

2.2.1.  This exemption shall be valid for as long as the child resides within the boundaries of Washington County School District (WCSD) and the certificate shall be re-issued annually by WCSD on or before August 1, stating that the school-age minor is excused from attendance for the specified school year, unless:
  • the school-age minor enrolls full-time as a student at a public school within Washington County School District, or
  • the school-age minor's parent/guardian notifies Washington County School District that the student has been enrolled full-time at a private or charter school within Washington County School District boundaries, or
  • the school-age minor's parent/guardian notifies Washington County School District that the student has moved outside of the district.

3.  Provide Assistance:

Upon request of a parent, Washington County School District shall identify the knowledge, skills, and competencies a student is recommended to attain by grade level and subject area to assist the parent in achieving college and career readiness through home schooling.

3.1.  Washington County School District principals may, if texts are available, rent texts to students in home schools. Textbook rental fees will be established annually by the School District.

4.  Testing Services:

It is highly recommended that parents of students attending home school have their children participate in the District Standardized Testing Program.

4.1.  Upon request of a parent, Washington County School District shall share resources, testing opportunities between a school and a minor attending home school as per Utah Administrative Code R277-607.4.

4.1.1.  A home school parent may request from the District an annual schedule of assessment dates, the locations at which home school students may be tested; as well as any testing policies, including costs (which USOE absorbs unless the number of home school students requesting testing in all districts exceeds two percent of the public education students enrolled in the state).  The parent may also request notice and adult participation in monitoring or proctoring the tests.  There must be reasonable timelines for home school requests for participation and subsequent district response.  (The student must be in the district student accounting system, I.e.: PowerSchool.)

4.1.2.  As per Utah Code Ann. 53A-15-1501 a parent may opt out of testing that is administered statewide or the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP).

4.1.3.  In accordance with the individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA): Child Find Regulations 300.109 and 300.111, the District is responsible to identify, locate and evaluate any student with disabilities from birth to 21 within the district jurisdiction who may be in need of special education and related services.

 5.  Participation in Extracurricular Activities:

5.1.  In accordance with Utah Code Ann. 53A-11-102.6, students exempted from compulsory home school education by the Washington County School District for instruction in home school may be eligible for participation in extracurricular activities at the school within whose attendance boundaries the student's custodial parent or legal guardian resides, or the school from which the student withdrew for the purpose of attending home school.

5.1.1. The home school student shall be eligible to participate in extracurricular activities at the public school consistent with eligibility standards applied to a fully enrolled student, with the exception of school attendance.  The parent shall submit an affidavit to the principal indicating that the student meets academic eligibility requirements, by  demonstrating mastery in the material in each course or subject being taught,  maintaining satisfactory progress toward achievement or promotion, and  retaining academic eligibility during the activity season for which the affidavit is submitted

5.1.2.  The WCSD Superintendent may appoint a panel of three individuals to verify a home school student's compliance with academic eligibility requirements when requested by a principal.

5.1.3.  The home school student must also meet the scholastic eligibility standards, residence, and transfer requirements as defined by the Utah High School Activities Association Bylaws.

6.  Placement of a home school student who transfers to a public school in accordance with Utah Code Ann. 53A-11-102.7:

6.1.  Enrollment procedures as per District Policy 2920 Student Enrollment shall be followed.

6.2.  The public school shall place the student in the grade level, classes or courses that the student's parent/guardian and in consultation with the school administrator determine are appropriate based on the parent/guardian's assessment of the student's academic performance.

6.2.1.  Within thirty (30) days of a home school student's placement in a public school grade level, class, or course, either the student's teacher or the student's parent/guardian may request a conference to consider changing the student's placement:  if the student's teacher and the student's parent or guardian agree on a placement change, the public school shall place the student in the agreed upon grade level, class or course.  if the student's teacher and student's parent/guardian cannot agree on a placement change, the public school shall evaluate the student's subject matter mastery and may change a student's placement in a grade level, class or course.

7. Dual Enrollment Utah Code Ann. 53A-11-102.5

7.1.  Students may attend classes in both home and public schools in Washington County.  Principals are encouraged to help students enroll in those classes which are extremely difficult for home schools to offer.  Students identified as disabled according to the Utah State Board of Education Special Education Rules remain eligible for Special Education and related services provided by the School District.

7.1.1.  A student enrolled in a dual enrollment program is considered a student of the district in which the district of attendance for the purposes of state funding to the extent of the student's participation in the district's programs.

8.  Graduation Requirements

8.1.  Students may transfer credit from a home school to a public high school to meet the graduation requirements of the high school if the home school is accredited by a nationally recognized accrediting association.  A certification must accompany the credit transcript, which identifies the accrediting association and the expiration date of the current accreditation.  On an individual basis, transfer of credit may be allowed without the accreditation, through student testing or other appropriate educational measures as per Washington County School District Policy 4100.

9.  Procedures for Requesting Home School Status:

9.1.  Compulsory Attendance Exemption Certificates may be picked up at the school where the student is enrolled, at the School District Office Department of Student Services, or on the district website.  The information on the form must be completed.

9.1.1.  The notarized form must be submitted to the School District Office for the Superintendent's or Director of Student Service's review and signature.  A copy will be sent to the student's school.

9.1.2.  Within thirty (30) days Washington County School District Student Services Department shall issue a Certificate of Exemption from the Compulsory Education requirements to the parent/guardian.

9.1.3.  Parents/guardians are responsible for any outstanding obligations related to materials, books, fees or fines that may exist at the school where their student has been enrolled according to normal check-out/transfer procedures.

Attachment - Form 902 Compulsory Attendance Exemption Certificate


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