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4240 - Videos, Full-Length Movies, and Games

 Instructional Material Washington County School District - Adopted 12-14-94; Revised 11-10-09; Revised 2-14-23

1. Purpose:

To clarify the District's position on the utilization of videos, full-length movies, games, or clips from videos, movies, and games.  Games include, but are not limited to video games used in e-sport programs.

2. Policy:

2.1. Commercial videos, instructional videos, full-length movies, or clips from the same, are not to be shown during regular school time for entertainment or reward purposes, but only for direct classroom instructional needs in accordance with the approved District curriculum and applicable copyright laws. 

2.2. When utilizing a video, movie, game, or clips from the same, which has a rating more restrictive than no restrictions / G / TV-G / TV-Y / E the school must obtain parental consent prior to its use.

2.3. The same level of sensitivity should be used when selecting movies, videos, or clips to be used in faculty meetings or training sessions. 

2.4. If commercial videos, or other movies or clips from the same, are shown for entertainment or reward purposes, it is to be at a time other than regular school hours, so students and parents have a choice as to whether or not they are viewed.

2.5. The school would be responsible for meeting the legal requirements of applicable copyright laws and paying the required fees.

2.6. Videos and full-length movies with R / NC-17 / Unrated / TV-MA / 18+ or higher ratings shall not be used.

2.7. Games with M / AO or higher ratings shall not be used.

2.8. Any media containing Sensitive material or Prohibited material as defined in WCSD Policy 4211 shall not be used.

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