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2910 - Leaving School Before Final Scheduled Day - Secondary Students

 Admission Washington County School District

1. Purpose:

To establish procedure for leaving school before the final scheduled day.

2. Policy:


3. Procedure:

3.1. Students must submit a written request from parents to the administration of the school three days prior to their leaving. 

3.2. Students need to be cleared through the administration before they make arrangements with the teachers. At this time, they will receive a check-out sheet or written confirmation. 

3.3. All paperwork and assignments which are completed on time will be accepted and graded with the student receiving the proper credit. 

3.4. Tests and final exams are not to be given early. 

3.5. The grade will be reduced by failing to be in attendance to take the final exam. (The grade will not be reduced because of the absence, but will be reduced by the failure to complete the final exam.) 

3.6. No student is to be given an INCOMPLETE grade the last term UNLESS the circumstances are so unique that it can be handled in no other way. This applies to all students, not just those who leave early.

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