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1130 - WCSD-LEA-Specific Teacher License/Endorsement

 Washington County School District - Adopted 12-10-19, Revised 8-11-20; Revised 11-2-21

1.  Purpose 

The purpose of this policy is to identify WCSD-LEA-Specific licensing/endorsement requirements pursuant to the conditions outlined in Utah Administrative Rule R277-301. 

2.  Policy

The following procedures are established to identify qualification requirements and guidelines for the issuance of WCSD-LEA-Specific licensing and endorsements.

3.  Procedure

3.1.  Educator License/Endorsement Requirements (Reference form attached to this policy).

3.1.1.  WCSD-LEA License Eligibility Criteria. All applicants must:

•  Complete a bachelor's or higher degree in a related field of study; or have exceptional or specialized occupational experience, training, or expertise directly related to the area of assignment; and,

•  Complete a criminal background check including review of any criminal offenses and clearance in accordance with Rule R277-214; and,

•  Complete the following Professional Learning Modules (https://usbe.instructure.com/enroll/D9XGLB):

•  Educator ethics;

•  Classroom management and instruction;

•  Basic special education law and instruction; and

•  Utah Effective Teaching Standards described in R277-530.

3.1.2.  WCSD-LEA Endorsement Eligibility Criteria:

•  This authorization is issued for a temporary period upon request from a District administrator for a licensed teacher (LEA, Associate, or Professional) who is not endorsed in the area of assignment.

3.2.  Approval:

3.2.1.  The application must receive approval from the WCSD Board of Education in a public meeting no more than 60 days prior to submitting the application to the State Board of Education for an LEA License and include:

•  Rationale for the appointment of a WCSD-LEA-Specific License or endorsement.

•  Verification that there is an inadequate supply of highly qualified and suitable licensed applicants in the license and endorsement area as demonstrated by posting the position for a reasonable period of not less than one week. (Not required for less than half-time [<.5 FTE] applicants)

•  Where applicable include an Associate Licensing Plan.

3.2.2.  Applicants placed on a WCSD-LEA Specific licenses serve under temporary (at-will) employment agreements subject to termination at any time at the sole discretion of the Washington County School District.

3.2.3.  A WCSD-LEA-Specific License, license area, or endorsement is valid for up to three years subject to demonstration of adequate progress consistent with the Associate Licensing Plan, successfully putting into effect guidance from the Learning Coach, and the observations / recommendations of administration. After three years renewal of the license is subject to the approval or denial of the State Board of Education.

3.2.4.  A WCSD-LEA-specific license expires immediately if the educator's employment with the District ends and the educator is not rehired as an educator in the next contract year.

3.2.5.  WCSD is not authorized to issue an LEA-specific license area of concentration to an educator for the following license areas:

•  Special Education;

•  Preschool Special Education;

•  Deaf Education;

•  School Psychologist;

•  School Social Worker;

•  Audiologist;

• Speech Language Therapist; or

• Speech Language Pathologist.

3.3.  WCSD-LEA Specific License Mentoring/Learning Coach Program for pedagogical support.

The WCSD-LEA Specific License incumbent must participate in the following Mentoring Program:

3.3.1.  The District shall provide mentoring program by a trained mentor educator who:

•  holds a professional educator license; and

•  is assigned as an instructional coach or equivalent position

3.3.2.  A District Mentor/Learning Coach will not evaluate the educator; however, all employees to include Learning Coaches must promptly report educator misconduct in violation of the District’s Code of Conduct found in Policy 1730.

3.3.3.  A Learning Coach will help the WCSD-LEA Licensed Educator meet the Utah Effective Educator Standards established in Rule R277-530 by:

•  Assisting the educator with a Self-Assessment (SA).

•  Ensuring that the educator has an Individual Learning Plan (ILP).

•  Working on educational strategies drawn from the WCSD Instructional Playbook (IP).

•  Meeting regularly with the educator for coaching observations and feedback.

•  Documenting those meetings with a Collaborative Assessment Log (CAL).

•  Determining and conducting action research using a Case Study student (CS).

•  Using the Differentiated Tier 1 protocol to improve and analyze student progress (DT1).

•  Reflecting at a Mid-Year Review (MYR).

•  Reflecting, reviewing, and reassessing at an End-of-Year Review (EOYR).

3.3.4.  The Applicant and the District will jointly develop an Associate Licensing Plan to:

•  Encourage transition from a WCSD-LEA license to a Professional License.

•  Identify applicable educational, skill, and/or content knowledge requirements for enrollment in a qualified educator preparation program.

•  Identify paths and opportunities to prepare for successful passage of a pedagogical performance assessment.

•  Develop significant competency and knowledge sufficient to justify an extension request from the Utah State Board of Education for a continued WCSD-LEA License if transition to an Associate License is not reasonable or applicable.

3.4.  The District shall post a link to the following information on each school's website.

•. A list of the percentages of the types of licensed, license areas, and endorsements (to include LEA licenses) held by educators assigned to each school in the District based on the employee FTE; and,

• The current link to the Utah Educator Lookup tool on the Utah Board of Education website: (https://cactus.schools.utah.gov/PersonSearch)


WCSD LEA License Application & Approval

USBE Local Education Agency (LEA) Specific License & Endorsement Procedures

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