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1470 - Employee Dress Code

 Personnel - Washington County School District

1. Purpose:

To establish the framework for an employee dress in the School District.

2. Policy:

2.1. Employees are expected to dress in good taste and to be well-groomed according to community standards for a professional employee. Cleanliness of self and attire, neatness, and attractive grooming are stressed and expected. Additionally, employees occupying positions with uniform requirements shall follow directives and procedure as may be required.

3. Procedure:

Employees should always dress in a manner that in such a way will encourage students to equally uphold the student dress policy.

3.1. Principals have the responsibility to establish and uphold community standards in prescribing the District Employee Dress Code. Principals have the responsibility to communicate the standards to employees. If employees refuse to follow the established employee dress code, principals should first speak with the employee about the concern, explaining the value and need to maintain high standards and to provide positive examples to students. 

3.2. If the employee refuses to maintain dress and grooming standards, the principal may consider the disciplinary policy to assist in correcting the problem. 

3.3. If there is some reason an employee feels he/she is not deserving of the principal's interpretation of the community standards for dress for a professional, he/she may bring in justification why the employee feels a different interpretation fits his/her situation.

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