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1300 - Duty-Free Lunch

 Benefits - Washington County School District - Adopted 8-79; Revised 6-13-95; 1-12-10

1.  Purpose

To provide lunchroom supervision and clarify management of lunch payment procedures.

2. Policy

2.1. Participation:

Lunch and 1/2 hour of certified employee extra duty pay will be provided by the District to any professional staff member who volunteers or is assigned for lunchroom duty, up to a total of 1% of the lunch count. (Neg. 06/13/95)

2.1.1. For adult supervision of buildings and grounds, 1% of school enrollment will be provided their school lunch by the District.

2.1.2. Lunch will be provided by the District for student lunchroom help up to 3% of the lunch count.

3. Procedure:

3.1. Definition: Ordinarily, the noon hour will consist of a minimum 30-minute duty free lunch (Neg. 1-12-10) period; However, building administration, with District approval, may deem a lesser time is necessary to maintain orderly function of the building and student transportation. (Neg. 06/13/95) (Neg. 1-12-10)

3.2. If an insufficient number of staff members sign up for volunteer lunchroom and/or noontime playground supervision, it is the responsibility of the school administration to assign staff members to noontime supervision duty. Those who are assigned will receive free lunch only on those days when they are in actual supervision of the lunchroom and/or playground.

3.3. The principal is charged with the responsibility of cooperatively developing, with his staff, a plan for the supervision of the lunchroom and playground during each lunch period.

3.4. There is no "free lunch" for adults. All employees are to pay for their meals. (State's Philosophy).

3.5. Employees who are traveling away from their "home base" should still pay for meals and submit a claim form for reimbursement -- if within the District, they should eat school lunch where feasible if they expect to get reimbursement.

3.6. Official school lunch managers and cooks are provided a meal from District funds as part of their remuneration.

3.7. Teachers officially assigned lunchroom, hall or playground supervision during their lunch period are provided a meal, which is paid through school District funds (as per formula).

3.8. Official guests to the school on official school business as identified by the principal, or District as identified by the Superintendent, are to be treated as guests. The principal is to submit a claim to the District for payment of these meals for accountability - NO EXCEPTIONS.

3.9. Anyone not eligible to participate in the lunch program, such as employee relatives, etc., are to pay for their own meals - NO EXCEPTIONS.

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