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1330 - Employee Leave

 Benefits Washington County School District - Negotiated and adopted 9-98; Revised 12-8-98; Neg. revised 10-25-01; Neg. revised 5-13-04; 5-8-07; 5-22-08; 9-9-08; 11-11-08; 12-9-08; 1-12-10; 6-12-12; Revised 6-13-17; Revised 7-13-21; Revised 5-10-22.

1. Purpose:

Attendance is an essential function and expected function of all District employees. This policy and procedure is established to provide for reasonable allowance for occasional absence, vacation, or personal leave.  FMLA and sick leave is governed by District Policy 1332.

2. Policy:

It is the policy of the Washington County School District to provide the opportunity for appropriate and reasonable leave in accordance with the procedures of the District and applicable legal entitlements.

3. Procedure:

Whenever teachers or other school employees are going to be absent, they are to notify their principal as soon as possible so that appropriate substitute arrangements can be made (See Substitute Teachers Policy - Page 1100.3.2)

3.1.  Applies to all employees:

3.1.1. Travel: The District Superintendent, or designee, shall authorize all trips involving out-of-District travel (on school days) by school employees or official school groups. Any employee or group expecting reimbursement of travel expense must have approval of district office prior to incurring of said expenses.

3.1.2. Elective Offices: Any employee of the Washington County School District desiring to run for an elected office position which includes mandatory attendance at regularly scheduled meetings will not be discouraged in doing so by the Board. To the extent the attendance at regularly scheduled meetings does not interfere with the employee's regular school assignment, an employee may be granted up to two days of leave per month at the cost of a substitute, not to exceed the established District substitute teacher daily rate, whether a substitute is used or not for the time required to attend regularly scheduled meetings. An employee whose elected or appointed position directly benefits the public education system may apply to the Superintendent for additional days of leave to attend regularly schedule meetings. The employee shall always be responsible for the cost of the substitute.

3.1.3. Jury Duty: URS benefit eligible employees compelled to serve on jury duty or testify under a court-ordered subpoena during contract time may receive "jury duty leave" for the required absence.  Other than remittances for mileage, food, and lodging, all stipends or compensation received for service and time obligations must be submitted to the District Payroll Department before jury duty leave is granted.

3.1.4.  School District employees may be excused to participate in funerals and civic responsibilities as approved by the Superintendent.

3.1.5.  Military Leave and benefits shall be governed by applicable state and federal statutes to include the Military Family Leave provisions under the Family and Medical Leave Act and the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA).  Reference District Policy 1332 for additional information.

3.2.  Leaves of Absence-Certified Employees- Approved 8-79 (Revised 6-17-97 Negotiated)

3.2.1.  Personal Privilege Leave, eligibility is limited to licensed educators eligible to participate in the Utah State Retirement System as defined by the Utah Code and URS regulations: First-year teachers (certificated employees in the District) will be allowed two days (Neg. 5-22-08) of personal leave each year, with a payroll deduction at the current standard District substitute teacher rate. Beginning with the second year in the District, teachers (certificated employees) will be allowed two days of personal leave at no cost; and two days with a payroll deduction (Neg. 5-22-08; 6-12-12) at the current standard District substitute teacher rate.  Any subsequent days will be deducted at full loss of pay. (Neg. 5-14-96) If the no-cost personal leave days are not used in a contract year, a certified employee may carry over the no-cost days for use in a subsequent contract year. (Neg. 10-25-01)  No more than two no-cost days may be cumulatively carried over from one year to the next. (Neg. 5-13-04; 6-12-12) Leave will be granted to certified personnel to accompany their dependent children and/or spouse who are participating in post-season region or state events, sponsored by the Utah High School Activities Association. When such leave is granted, employees will be responsible for paying the substitute through payroll deduction. (Neg. 7-14-92) Limit to two days per eligible employee per year. (Neg. 1-12-10)  Policy does not apply to part-time employees. Personal privilege leave as described in Section 1 above has the following limits. It shall not be used to: During the first week or the last week of the school year. (Only in the case of extreme emergency will exceptions be granted.) RESERVED. Procedure--Persons desiring personal leave shall complete the Personal Privilege Leave form and submit it to their principal at least three (3) days prior to the desired date of use. (In emergency situations, they may use a shorter period of time.) Extenuating circumstances beyond the policy provisions are to be requested in writing to the Superintendent for consideration. (Neg. 7-11-96)

3.2.2. Professional Leave Whenever a school employee is directed to attend any educational meetings or conferences, no deduction shall be made in the employee's salary for absence from school for attending such meeting and the employee shall not be required to pay the salary of the substitute.

3.2.3. RESERVED. 

3.2.4. RESERVED. Replaced with Policy 1332.

3.2.5. RESERVED.

3.2.6. Regular Leave Of Absence Eligibility: Four years teaching experience in the Washington County School District immediately prior to applying for the regular leave of absence. (Neg. 06/12/91) Part-time employees do not qualify for this benefit. (09/08/92) The Board of Education may authorize a regular leave of absence for administrative or teaching personnel when it deems such leave to be reasonable and for good cause, and not detrimental to education within the District.  A leave of absence will not be approved for educators who accept employment as an educator in another district, charter, or private school.  Accepting such employment will disqualify the employee from continuing a leave of absence already granted.  Exceptions may be considered if the educator must relocate outside of Washington County to accompany a spouse on a military assignment or for other compelling reasons as determined by the Board of Education. Regular leaves of absence shall be limited to a period not to exceed one year. Depending on availability, the employee may or may not be given the same assignment he/she had prior to going on leave. Regular leaves of absence may be granted upon application to the Superintendent (through the principal) stating the purpose of the leave of absence, the facts as to its necessity or advisability, and other information helpful to the Board in making a determination as to whether the leave should be granted. In order to receive consideration, applications must be submitted by January 31 of the year preceding the leave. (Neg. 4-20-99) Reserve. (2-8-05)  If a leave of absence is granted, retirement, accrued leave, position on the salary schedule, and other benefits provided by the school district, will be preserved and available to the employee upon return to regular employment. (6-17-97 Neg)  Leave will not accrue and other benefits end during the period of a leave of absence. Individuals on leave of absence must complete a notice of intent to return by January 31 of each year. (Neg. 4-20-99)

3.3.  Classified Leave - Approved 8-79 (Revised 8-10-93) (Revised 7-9-97 Negotiated)

3.3.1. Personal Leave Employees who qualify for and are eligible to participate in the Utah State Retirement System with two or more years of service in the District will be allowed two days per year of personal leave at no cost to them and one day (Neg. 05-10-06; 6-12-12) at the cost of a substitute, not to exceed the established District substitute teacher daily rate, whether a substitute is used or not. The District will calculate a part-time employee "day" according to the employee's part-time contract (i.e. a 4-hour per day employee will be allowed 4 hours of personal leave as a "day" for purposes of determining amount or accrual of leave under this paragraph).  If one or both no-cost personal leave days are not used in a contract year, an eligible classified employee may carry over a maximum of two no-cost days for use in the following contract year. (Neg. 10-25-01; Neg. 6-3-08; Neg. 6-12-12) Reserved. (2-5-05)

3.4. Classified and Administrative Employees

Vacation accrual is limited to Classified and Administrative Employees serving under twelve-month contracts who are eligible for 100% District paid health insurance benefits in accordance with District Policy 1200.3.2.7.  Twelve-month employees entitled to vacation under this paragraph are not eligible for personal leave, under paragraph 3.3.1. (Neg. 10-25-01)

• For the purposes of this paragraph one day of vacation will equate to no more than 8 hours.

• On September 1st, accumulated vacation in excess of 30 days will not carry over to the next contract year. (9-9-08) Unused vacation time will not be compensated at the end of the contract year. (2-8-05)

• Vacation schedules must be approved by the supervisor or principal in advance. (5-26-06) Approved 8-79; Revised 11-08

• Except for Administrative Employees, unused vacation days will not vest and employee will have no right to payout of vacation balance upon termination.

• When an employee terminates from the Administrative Salary Schedule unused vacation days up to a maximum of 20 days are paid out, provided the employee was not terminated for cause. (6-1-98)

3.4.1. Non-Exempt Employees during years of District service 1-10 shall be entitled to 12 days of vacation (accrued at a rate of one day per month).

3.4.2. Non-Exempt Employees, with 10 or more years of continuous District service shall be entitled to 15 days of vacation time per year beginning the 11th year (accrued at a rate of 1.25 days per month). (Neg. 4-20-99)

3.4.3. Exempt Employees assigned to an Exempt Salary Schedule will receive 18 days of vacation per year (accrued at a rate of 1.5 days per month). (5-8-07)

3.4.4. Administrative Employees assigned to the AA and AE schedules will receive 24 days of vacation per year (accrued at a rate of 2 days per month). (6-1-98)


Form 541 - Leave of Absence

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