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1331 - Year-Round School Teacher Trade Days

 Personnel Administration Washington County School District - Adopted 11-11-97

1. Purpose:

The purpose of this Policy is to meet the District's "challenge to provide a full school year of meaningful education for all students," have students on task and achieving at their maximum potential and provide the opportunity for teachers to have flexibility in the extended year-round school schedule.

2. Policy:

Providing the opportunity for teachers to have a break from the extended schedule creates a disruption to the educational process. The need for a teacher to be absent from the year-round school schedule must be balanced with the need to have consistency in the classroom. It is, therefore, the desire of the District to develop procedures that will encourage teachers to be in the classroom as much as possible and still provide necessary flexibility. The following is approved as policy:

2.1. If two teachers in the same year-round school agree in writing to the days(s) they want to trade, with the trade being consummated during the current school year and the principal approves it in writing, such trade shall be permitted. (06/12/90)

2.2. If two teachers of any two year-round schools agree in writing to the day(s) they want to trade, with the trade being consummated during the school year and the two principals approve it in writing, such trade shall be permitted. (Neg. 06/13/95)

3. Procedure:

The following procedures and guidelines are designed to accomplish the goals outlined by policy and to provide information for the teacher and principal in directing the approval of the use of trade days.

3.1. Principal approval is required prior to making arrangements for "trade days" with another teacher. 

3.1.1. Permission to "trade days" with a teacher in the same building or from another year-round school will be left to the discretion of the principal(s) involved. 

3.1.2. A Trade Day Form (Attachment 1) must be completed and signed by the parties and principals involved.

3.2. The employee's personal leave should be used for personal leave reasons as stated in policy. Using "trade days" for personal reasons should be reserved for extreme cases.

3.3. Trade days should be kept to a minimum. Principals should deny approval if time away from class is excessive.

3.4. "Trade days" as a way to provide release for staff development may be appropriate, still keeping in mind the number of days out of the classroom.

3.5. Trading of days must be completed during the current school year of the request.

3.6. Timekeepers will record trade days as "TD" on the leave record.


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