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A004 - Working Arrangement Guidelines with the City of St. George

 Administrative Letter #4 Working Arrangement Guidelines with the City of St. George - January 13, 1996

January 13, 1996


David Broadhead, Principal

Pine View High School


Dear David:

As per your secretary's request, I am sending you the City's perspective on joint use of high school facilities.

The City's major concern is that the softball field, baseball field, tennis courts, and track are available to the general public whenever they are not specifically programmed by the school.  We are sensitive to the need for securing the grounds in order to reduce vandalism and problems regarding vehicles on the grass, etc. Through proper signage, access controls, and supervision, it is possible for both of our goals to be met.

The city would like to schedule the baseball and softball fields for tournament play only, but would expect that Little League Baseball and public practices can be accommodated. The tennis courts and track should be available for unscheduled public access throughout the year.  I perceive that the ball diamonds will likely be scheduled by Leisure Services only one or two times per year at most.

The City's policy regarding lights in residential neighborhoods is to generally have the lights out by 10:00 p.m.  The tennis court lights can be set up on timers.  Access to ballfield light controls will be negotiated between the school and the specific approved user.

Maintenance of the facilities will be the responsibility of the School District.  The light light fixtures will be maintained and replaced as needed by the City personnel if it is a city tournament.  They would set up & cleanup.  

These are the general concerns that the City has regarding facility usage.  I would be happy to discuss specifics at a later date.



Kent E. Perkins

Leisure Services Director

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