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A132 - Annual Asbestos Notification


TO: Public

FROM: Craig Hammer - Executive Director Physical Facilities

SUBJECT: Annual Asbestos Notification

DATE: May 2018; Reviewed and Revised: October 2021

Annual Asbestos Notification

October 2021


Washington County School District, in compliance with EPA and AHERA regulations, maintains Asbestos Management Plans for each school facility, whether or not asbestos has been identified in them. These Management Plans are located in each school, and a duplicate copy is maintained in the District Maintenance Office. Identified asbestos is visually monitored every six months and a full inspection is conducted every three years by accredited inspectors; records are kept in the Management Plan.  Management Plans are available for review either in the main office or from the custodian. Beginning school year 2018-2019, this statement will be posted on the web page instead of posting it in each school.

The Asbestos Management Plan “Designated Person” for Washington County School District is Stan DeMille, Maintenance Director. Any questions regarding asbestos should be directed to or Washington County School District Maintenance/Facilities Department, 811 East Brigham Road, Bldg A, St. George, UT 84770


Thank you,

Craig Hammer

Executive Director of Secondary Education

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