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A070 - Fee Waiver for Driver's Education Classes

 Administrative Letter #70 Fee Waiver for Driver's Education Classes - Approved 10/2004; Updated 8-27-13

DATE:                Reviewed and Updated August 2013 – Craig Hammer

SUBJECT:          Fee Waiver for Driver’s Education Classes


Utah State Law requires schools that provide Driver’s Education courses to their students comply with the provisions of Public Code 53A-12-103.  This code mandates that eligible students be allowed a fee waiver for the course.  The same law allows schools to require a student, whose fees are waived, to perform community service or participate in organized work projects. 


Because Driver’s Education courses are held outside of the school day and credit earned is not required for graduation, it is the position of the Washington County School District that fee waivers, when granted, must require the recipient to participate in work projects as assigned by the school.

  •  This work project will require a time commitment that would be equivalent to a dollar amount of the fee waiver.
  • The dollar amount would be equivalent to the minimum, hourly wage.

Provide the foregoing information along with the USOE forms available on the USOE website –


Community Service Assignment and Notice of Appeal Rights

Community Service Obligations

School Fee Waiver Application (Grades 7-12)


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