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A127 - Credit by Examination

 Administrative Letter #127 Credit by Examination

DATE:              January 19, 2017 

FROM:              Richard Holmes, Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Education 

REGARDING:   Credit by Examination              

Who is Eligible to Earn Credit by Examination 

There are, generally, two situations in which a student would seek graduation credit by a means other than taking and passing a WCSD course. 

Situation #1:  Student has not already passed the course and the course does not already appear on the student’s transcript. 

Situation #2:  Student has taken and passed the course from a non-accredited school and has documentation (e.g., transcript, course taken list, etc.).  Generally, our District does not recognize credits earned from non-accredited institutions. 

Credit by Exam Procedures 

In both situations the student must be currently enrolled in a WCSD high school.  The student may arrange to take a credit-by-exam assessment, which is proctored at the high school.  The Director of Assessment and Research can assist with the arrangements.  These exams are created through the Utah State Board of Education and generally consist of two parts: a written test and an assignment demonstrating application of knowledge (e.g., work samples, responses to real-life problems, performance samples, essays, etc.).  The student must pass Part 1of the exam in order to take Part 2.  A student may attempt the same credit by exam only once per year.  The credit by exam results only in a Pass (P) notation on the student’s transcript.  No letter grade is awarded.  The entire process can take up to 4 weeks. 

Alternative to Credit by Exam

 Students can take the course for original credit through the Utah Online High School.  Students can move through the course materials at a pace commensurate with their abilities.  Completion of the course results in a letter grade. 

Options for Students That Do Not Pass the Credit by Examination 

Situation #1:  Because the student has not taken the course, the student may enroll in the course for original credit at the high school or through Utah Online High School. 

Situation #2:  Because the student has taken the course, (as evidenced by the non-accredited transcript) the student may enroll in a credit recovery course at the high school, alternative high school, or Utah Online High School.  The option of taking the course for original credit is also available to the student.

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