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A085 - Funding for Incidentals

 Administrative Letter #85 Funding for Incidentals - Approved 3-29-2012; Updated 08-20-2013

DATE:               Reviewed and Updated August 2013 – Brent Bills

TO:                   All Employees 

FROM:              Brent Bills, Business Administrator 

REGARDING:   Funding for Incidentals           

Funding for Incidentals

Care and thought must be given to any expenditure associated with incidentals, which includes meals and gifts.  While the funding source of such incidentals may derive from various and multiple budgets/accounts, care must be taken to ensure accountability and appropriateness.

The following guidelines are established to assist with the interpretation of appropriateness:

1. District funds should not be expended for socials other than annual activities to include the appreciation lunch for the principals, assistant principals, and one social associated with the elementary, and secondary school division per year. In the event spouses or partners are invited, funds may not be used to cover the costs of the non-employee.

Individual schools and the District Office may cover the costs of two socials per year not to exceed the instate dinner per-diem reimbursement per employee using school-generated revenue.  In the event spouses or partners are invited, funds may not be used to cover the cost of the non-employee.

2. District and school workshops, in-service meetings, conferences, committees, etc. may provide light refreshments.

3. District and school workshops, in-service meetings, committees, conferences, retreats, etc. that are a minimum of three hours may provide a lunch not to exceed the instate lunch per-diem rate per person.

4. Lunch meetings with district visitors must be approved at the Executive Staff level.

5. If an employee is involved in a committee, workshop, conference or in-service meeting which is sponsored outside the district, and if a meal is part of the session and paid for as part of the registration fee, the district or school will pay for it; otherwise, the district will pay for the lunch meal at the approved per-diem rate in accordance with conference guidelines.

6.  Principal lunch meetings with department heads or team leaders is authorized at the lunch per-diem rate.

7. When staff supervises an activity outside of normal school hours, such as play practices or team prep meetings, a meal may be purchased during the activity.  In the event that the activity includes volunteers, they may be included in the food purchase.  If there are no gate receipts associated with the activity, student vending machine revenue or discretionary funds may be used.  The expenditure may not exceed the instate lunch per-diem rate per person. 

8. Based upon Executive Staff approval, length-of-service and achievement awards with minimal amounts may be presented to employees. A ledger shall be maintained showing the name of the recipient, the date, the purpose, and the value of the award.

9. All meals will not exceed the appropriate per-diem rate without Superintendent approval.


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