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A160 - Lead Finance Secretary

 Administrative Letter A160 Lead Finance Secretary - Approved by District Administration April 11, 2022

DATE:               April 11, 2022

REGARDING:    Lead Finance Secretary


Lead Financial Secretary

The Lead Financial Secretary position is created to safeguard the assets of the School District through proper controls and ensuring compliance with District financial policies and procedures.

School principals are responsible to ensure all staff in the school follow District financial policies and procedures and to ensure reasonable separation of duties for financial tasks.  The lead financial secretary is to assist the principal in these tasks.

The positions will be filled originally through internal applicants only.  All applicants will apply for a District pool (elementary, intermediate & middle, high school).  Interviews and selections for the pool will be made by a committee of principals and Business Department personnel. School principals will have the ability to select from the pool for their school.

The lead financial secretary will be hired jointly by the building principal and finance director or designee.  The finance director or designee will be part of the entire review and hiring process.  The position will not be hired without agreement of both parties.

The principal will obtain permission from the finance director before the lead financial secretary is converted from at-will to provisional.  The principal will consult with the finance director before completing the employee evaluation for the lead financial secretary. The lead financial secretary’s evaluation will include financial audit findings and compliance with District accounting policies and procedures.

It is the responsibility of the lead financial secretary to inform the Business Department of violations of District finance policies and procedures that have not been adequately addressed at the school level.  It is the responsibility of the lead financial secretary to contact the business department if they are not sure if a policy or procedure is being followed.

The lead financial secretary will have ten time carded days during the summer to complete required financial responsibilities.  Each elementary school will have an additional five timecard days for secretarial personnel.

The lead financial secretary will work with the principal to distribute summer time carded days to other school secretaries to ensure all financial processes and reports are completed by established deadlines and ensure that phone messages are responded to weekly.


Form 143C - Notice of Lead Finance Secretary Probationary Period

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