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A072 - Furnishing of Portable Classrooms

 Administrative Letter #72 Furnishing of Portable Classrooms - Approved 10/14/2004; Updated 08/27/2013

DATE:              Reviewed and Updated August 2020 – Craig Hammer 

REGARDING:   Furnishing of Portable Classrooms


Portable plundering has become a very real problem.  Portable classrooms originally furnished with new furniture and equipment have been moved to another school and found empty or supplied with old and damaged furniture and equipment.  We can no longer afford to furnish portables repeatedly.

PORTABLE:  2 classrooms per portable 



               Built-in shelving and cabinet (included in construction of portable)

               Whiteboards (mounted on walls)

               Bulletin Boards (mounted)

               Blinds (installed for permanent use)


       Audio System


       Teacher Desk and Chair

       File Cabinet

       All other furnishings to be provided by the school.



Beginning immediately, the following procedures will go into effect:


  • In the case of portable use during remodeling, all furnishings for the portable will come from existing classrooms, and be retained for the new classrooms. Principals, please keep this information in mind as you look toward future growth and the possible need for portables at your school.  Budget now for tomorrow’s growth using your school’s equipment budget funds.  
  • The District will help to find surplus furniture to supply the portables but will no longer buy new furniture for that purpose.  
  • When the portable is no longer needed at a particular school site, the principal will be responsible in accounting for the inventory of the original items and/or replace any missing built-in furnishings.  
  • The portable classroom is considered an extension of the school building and should be maintained in the same manner. The principal is responsible to assign specific instruction to the teacher and the custodian for the care and maintenance of the portable classroom.
  • A school that has never had a portable may receive limited funds to help offset the cost of furnishing a new classroom.

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