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A167 - Booster Clubs

 Administrative letter #167 Booster Clubs - Approved 07/2023

REGARDING:  Booster Clubs


Washington County School District Booster Club Procedures



Parent led groups, not affiliated with the school, commonly raise funds to enhance school activities.  Schools and district employees need to ensure proper relationships are kept with these organizations.  Improper boundaries can lead to violations of state law and state board rules.


School Sponsored Booster Clubs:

The club is an official school organization and is managed by a board which may include parents but must include one or more school employees who understand the relevant WCSD policies and procedures.  The club is subject to WCSD policies and procedures, and to oversight by school administrators.

All proceeds from fundraisers are considered school funds, and must be receipted, deposited, accounted for and spent in accordance with district policies.

The booster club may solicit help from students and parents, but students may not be required to participate in booster club fundraising unless the fundraising activity or event is included on the school's spend plan.

All fundraisers must have prior, written approval from school administrators (form 5023).


Non-School Sponsored Booster Clubs:

The booster club is managed by parents and is a legally separate entity from the school district.

Coaches, advisors, and school administrators cannot be involved in the management of the booster club.  

All interactions with non-school booster clubs must be conducted in accordance with an arm’s length contract between the school and booster club.  The contract must include a "quid pro quo" element.  In other words, the booster club cannot use school resources for free, and whatever payment or benefit the school receives from the booster club needs to be commensurate with the support provided by the school.  Do not undervalue the access to parents and students.

Schools should protect their name and mascot and not allow booster clubs to use them without provisions in their contract.

The contract needs to stipulate the rights and obligations of both the school and the booster club, outlining the booster club's fundraising events the school will be supporting, and what support the booster club will provide to the school in return.

The contract should be signed by the school principal and by an authorized member of the booster club.  The contract should state the period for which the agreement will be in effect.  It should be reviewed yearly, and amended and re-ratified as necessary.

Students cannot be required to pay a fee to the booster club, participate in a booster club fund raising event, or purchase any items from the booster club, as a condition for either (a) their membership on the team/club, or (b) their ability to participate in specific team/club activities or events.

Employees are not allowed to receive compensation or a gift, from a booster club, for activities related to their job assignments.  This is a violation of Utah State Code 67-16-5.

Schools should protect their name and mascot and not allow booster clubs to use them without provisions in their contract.

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