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A152 - School Internship Safety Agreements


DATE:         JUNE 9, 2020







To establish safety guidelines and parameters with cooperating employers entering into an Work-Based Learning agreement with the Washington County School District (WCSD). This may include any of the following work-based learning activities: Internships, Pre-Apprenticeships, Pathway Exploration, Workplace Tours, Day Shadows, Informational Interviews. 




  • S.B. 147 School Internship Safety Agreements 2020 General Session
  • 53G-7-901 through 53G-11-405


Requirements for Compliance:

The Washington County School District may enter  into internship agreements with cooperating employers after completing one or both of following requirements: 


  • Signed worksite safety agreement  (District Form 960)


    1. Ensure that an adult officer or employee of the cooperating employer is not intentionally alone with an intern for any significant amount of time during the intern's activities;
    2. Maintain compliance with all applicable state and federal laws relating to workplace and student safety, privacy, and welfare and;
    3. Provide a safe, educational, courteous, and welcoming professional environment that is free of harassment or discriminatory conduct that may result in a hostile, intimidating, abusive, offensive, or oppressive learning environment.


  • Or, complete a criminal background check. 


Individuals to submit to a nationwide criminal background check and ongoing monitoring as found under Section 53G-11-402.




  1. The Work-Based Learning Coordinator or Career Coach will meet with a cooperating employer to establish appropriate expectations; 


  1. Tour the facility to ensure students will be in a safe environment;


  1. Complete the internship safety agreement with the cooperating employer prior to allowing any work-based learning activities to begin; and,


  1. If the employer has not entered into an internship safety agreement with WCSD for reasons such as being a small business owner and cannot meet the staffing requirements, then  set up a time for them to complete a criminal background check.


Link to Form 960 - Internship Work Site Safety Agreement

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