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A162 - Elementary Learning Coach Applicant Pool

 Approved per District Administration: February 2022

Elementary Learning Coach Applicant Pool


  1. Title 1 Coordinators (TSA) are selected from a pool that is announced, requiring applicants to hold a current administrative endorsement, and the process includes an announcement with careful selection panel consideration.
  2. Elementary Learning Coaches (TSA) have been selected from a school specific announcement or using a very limited area (within the school) consideration process where the principal asks their staff who is interested and considers only individuals from that school.
  3. Both Title 1 Coordinator and Learning Coach experience is a qualifying experience that meets one of the mandatory requirements for selection into the Principal Pool.
  4. This experience gives the applicant a competitive advantage for administrative positions.


  1. Limited consideration from within a school only, eliminates consideration of applicants who may have better qualifications or experience from outside of the school.
  2. The pool applicant consideration process is competitive and gives all applicants, regardless of school location, an opportunity to be considered and access to experience that will later qualify them for administrator positions.  That process is not currently used for Elementary Learning Coaches.
  3. Diversity of experience often strengthens school programs, an inherent flaw with the current limited school only consideration process. 

Change scheduled to implement next year:

  1. The Title I Coordinator Pool Announcement will be combined with a Learning Coach Announcement and opened in January of 2022.  
  2. Title 1 Coordinator qualifications will continue to require an administrative endorsement. 
  3. Learning Coaches will not require an administrative endorsement.
  4. All applicants (Learning Coaches and Title 1 Coordinators) will be interviewed (January 2022) at the same time and the final list will consist of those that are qualified for and interested in: 
    • Title 1 only,
    • Title 1 and Learning Coach; or,
    • Learning Coach only.
  5. Beginning with staffing for the 2022-23 school year all learning coach and title 1 coordinator selections (February/March 2022) will be from the pool.  


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