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A159 - Technology Purchasing

 Administrative Letter A159 Technology Purchasing - Approved by Superintendent Larry Bergeson February 9, 2022; Updated 10-2023

Technology Purchasing

This letter has been drafted to clearly define the Washington County School District’s procedure pertaining to the purchase of technology equipment and software.  

Washington County School District and its employees shall maintain compliance with the Family Educational Rights and privacy Act (“FERPA”), the Government Records and Management Act (“GRAMA”), the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”), and Utah Administrative Code R277-487 (“Student Data Protection Act”). Because of the complex intricacies of these laws, Washington County School District has implemented tools to ensure compliance.  All District purchasing policies apply to any purchase of software or hardware. 


Employees must obtain pre-approval prior to purchase or use of any software with students or student data. This may be accomplished using the LearnPlatform.  Employees can view currently approved software, or request software approval in the system.  The LearnPlatform can be found at (sign in required).

All cloud-based or locally hosted systems purchased at the district level must provide the technology department with at least one administrative-level account to provide and required visibility for security compliance requirements.


Employees should typically only order equipment that is listed on the Technology Approved Devices list and shall follow comments found in the conditions column which identifies any specific requirements associated with those technologies.  Any purchase of technology equipment not found in the Technology Approved Devices list shall be cleared with your local tech before purchase.  The Technology Approved Devices list can be found here:  (sign in required).

Quotes for much of this equipment can be found here: (sign in required). 

Employees must not order or use equipment listed on the Technology Prohibited Devices list.  These devices are ether incompliant with State or Federal Law, cause significant issues with our network and jeopardize our primary responsibilities in supporting education, or simply do not work on our network.  

Technology Prohibited Devices list can be found here: (sign in required).  Any device on this list that is currently in the schools should be sent to surplus.

Principals and building administrators should budget to replace technology equipment within their school or building using the following Recommended Replacement Cycle found here: (sign in required).

These links do require you to have a District GSuite account and to be logged in to view them.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to the technology department.

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