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A086 - Procedures for Using Dirt Roads and Parking Lots While Driving a School Bus

 Administrative Letter #86 Procedures for Using Dirt Roads and Parking Lots While Driving a School Bus - Approved 11/08/2012; Updated 08/27/2013

DATE:                Reviewed and Updated August 2013 – Craig Hammer 

TO:                    All Bus Drivers, Coaches, and Advisors

FROM:               Launi Schmutz, CDPT 

REGARDING:   Procedures for Using Dirt Roads and Parking Lots While Driving a School Bus              


Reduce damage and accidents to school buses that happen in parking lots and on dirt roads.

This letter is to inform all Washington County School District Bus Drivers, Coaches, Advisors, Teachers, Chaperones, etc. that a Bus Driver shall not enter a dirt road or park in a dirt parking lot while operating a school bus without prior approval being given by the Transportation Administrator. 

Prior approval must be given by the Transportation Administrator before a Bus Driver can enter any unauthorized road or parking lot. This includes field trips and activity trips.


District Bus Drivers should communicate with School Advisors prior to leaving on a trip to discuss their destination and trip details.

Drivers can listen to suggestions from the School Advisor in regards to their preference for parking, pick-up, and drop off areas, but it is the Bus Driver’s responsibility to use common sense in determining the probability of accidents or damage to the bus when parking in any unfamiliar location. The Bus Driver is the person responsible for the school bus and safety of the passengers.

At no time shall a Driver choose to park in a dirt parking lot or drive on a dirt road without prior approval from the Transportation Advisor.

When the Bus Driver is required to enter a busy parking lot the Driver is expected to physically inspect the parking lot as well as use good judgment to ensure there is no chance of an accident or damage to the school bus.  If a physical inspection by the driver isn’t possible you must avoid the parking area.  

To-and-From bus routes must be logged on the routing software or a permission slip must be signed and approved ahead of time.

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