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A074 - Guidelines for Rewards and Recognitions

 Administrative Letter #74 Guidelines for Rewards and Recognitions - Approved 11/2005; Updated 08/23/2013

DATE:              Reviewed and Updated August 2013 – Brent Bills

REGARDING:   Guidelines for Rewards and Recognitions




Part of the operations of an organization includes presenting rewards and recognitions to employees and volunteers.  These guidelines are to help administrators make informed decisions when giving rewards and recognitions using district funds.  District funds refer to money and all items of intrinsic value that are owed by the Washington County School District and all of its schools and departments. 

  • No gifts such as Christmas presents, birthday presents, secretaries day presents, etc. may be given using district funds. 
  • Rewards and recognitions must be non-monetary and less than $50.00 in value. Certificates are acceptable. 
  • Rewards and recognitions can be given for a single outstanding work accomplishment or as recognition for several great accomplishments. 
  • Rewards and recognitions should not be discriminatory in nature. 
  • Items given as rewards and recognitions should be tasteful and be appropriate for a school setting. 
  • Ask yourself, “If the reward or recognition showed up on the front page of the local newspaper, would it be an embarrassment to yourself and the School District?” 
  • Rewards and recognitions cannot be given in lieu of overtime or compensatory time. 

These guidelines do not apply to awards publicly presented in recognition of public service.  If you have any questions, please call the District.

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