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A126 - Southwest Adult High School Hourly Compensation Rates

 Administrative Letter #126 Southwest Adult High School Hourly Compensation Rates - Approved 11/08/2016

DATE:               January 1, 2017 

FROM:              Larry Bergeson, Superintendent 

REGARDING:   Southwest Adult High School Hourly Compensation Rates              

Definitions for this program are:

  • Licensed Educator means an educator working for Southwest Adult High School required to hold an active educator license that is valid for employment in Utah public school and qualifies the individual to teach in the subject area of the position
  • Years of Service means the years of continuous employment as a Licensed Educator at the WCSD Southwest Adult High School. A qualified employee will only receive Years of Service credit for completion of full, complete, years of service at Southwest Adult High School. 

Hourly Rate Eligibility: 

  1. Purpose: The purpose of this Administrative Letter is to establish reasonable hourly pay rates for Licensed Educators working at Southwest High School based on Years of Service, qualifications, and acceptable performance.
  2. Eligibility:

The Individual’s primary assignment must be working in a Licensed Educator position totaling at least 20 hours per week for Southwest Adult High School.

3.  Pay Adjustments:

Subject to acceptable performance, after the initial implementation of this program on January 1, 2017, pay adjustments will occur at the beginning of the contract year after the Licensed Educator meets the Years of Service qualification requirements identified below.

  1. Hourly Pay Schedule:

Employees will be paid on an hourly pay schedule based on mechanical or electronic time recording.  Employees must comply with District Policy 1200, Time and Attendance requirements and procedures. 


Years of Service

Hourly Rate

0 to 2.99


3 to 4.99


5 to 6.99


7 to 8.99


9 to 11.99


12 to 14.99


15 and above



Approved November 8, 2016


Larry Bergeson

Superintendent, Washington County School District

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