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A025 - Conference Guidelines

 Administrative Letter #25 Conference Guidelines - Approved 08-2008; Updated 08-20-13; 04-27-16

DATE:              Reviewed and Updated April 2016 – Brent Bills

REGARDING:  Conference Guidelines

           Washington County School District Administrative

Conference Guidelines



The purpose of conference participation is to provide opportunities to acquire knowledge, broaden perspective, learn from state and national educational leaders, and keep abreast of new developments in education in order to enrich the educational professionalism of Washington County School District. Therefore, it is expedient that guidelines be developed to encourage professional development experiences through conference participation, as well as other professional development opportunities, within funding limitations.


When booking lodging, employees should always try to use hotel/motel(s) that direct bill the District, offer a state rate, or charge a rate at or lower than $115.00 per night. When direct bill, state rate, and/or lower rate hotel/motel(s) are not available and a single hotel room is booked at a cost greater than $115.00 per night, prior approval must be obtained through the travel request process.

If the hotel/motel is not direct bill, does not offer a state rate, or is more than $115.00 per night and the total amount of the hotel room(s) is greater than $1000.00, two oral bids must be obtained and attached to the hotel billing. When the amount of lodging for a room(s) exceeds $5000.00, three oral bids are required and must be attached to the hotel billing.

Employees should make efforts to find the best available rate when booking hotels/motels. 

Actual room costs will be covered for employees only.

Conference Fees and Association Dues:

State and national association dues will be paid for one association.

Annual conference and rotation conference dues are to be paid out of the travel allotment for the conference.


District vehicles should be used when available.

Mileage will be compensated at $0.32 per mile, or $0.48 per mile is a district car is not available.

When more than one administrator/staff is attending, staff shall carpool to the maximum extent possible. If staff are driving personal vehicles instead of car-pooling, mileage will be compensated at $0.32 per mile.

Car Rental/Ground Travel:

Cars rented during conventions may not be charged to the District without prior approval. Approval will primarily be based on necessity for conference attendance.

Reimbursement for ground travel to and from airport/hotel is authorized.


Food in-state will be $40.00 per diem.

Food out-of-state will be a $46.00 per diem.

Food that is provided as part of the conference must be deducted from the food allowance:

            Breakfast - $10.00 in-state, $10.00 out-of-state

            Lunch - 14.00 in-state, $14.00 out-of-state

            Dinner - $16.00 in-state, $22.00 out-of-state

 An additional $19.00 per day will be added for trips to:

            Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington D.C.

Conference Rotation and Travel Approval:

Principals and vice-principals are assigned on a three-year rotation schedule. New administrators are assigned, generally, at the bottom of the rotation schedule. Vice-principals who move to a principal position keep their same rotation schedule.

Three-year rotation attendance at national conferences is to be pre-arranged and coordinated through the Business Administrator for all travel and lodging needs.

Rotation assignments may be delayed one-year if written request is made in advance. Conference “trades” must be approved in advance. 

If the conference rotation falls on the last year of an administrator’s employment, the conference should be attended early in the school year, i.e., fall or winter.

All out-of-state conferences/travel, even if in rotation, must be submitted to the Superintendent, or designee (see Policy 1330), as a travel request at least 60-days prior to the scheduled date of the conference for approval. The itinerary must be submitted with the travel request.

Travel arrangements should not be made prior to approval.

Pre-conferences must be prior approved and will not be funded by the District, unless in place of the regular conference. Other training may be considered in place of national conferences, and generally should relate to school goals.

Administrators are responsible to keep their conference expenses within budget.


Receipts are required for everything but food. Mileage should be reported, if it is to be reimbursed, and those accompanying the traveler should also be reported.

These guidelines will be reviewed annually.

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