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A168 - Band Management

 WCSD Band Management - Approved 9/11/23

Band Management


Participating at public events adds greatly to the band and music programs. It is a positive motivator for music students to be able to share their talent and it is a good public relations gesture for the schools.

High schools will participate in a minimum of three parades.  Middle schools will participate in a minimum of two parades.  Examples might include:

  • Homecoming of home school
  • Utah Tech Homecoming
  • Veterans Day Parade
  • Community events approved by school administration


For invitations to march in parades, the following criteria should be met:

  • No conflicts with prior school commitments.
  • Does not interfere with events in which a considerable number or key members of the band cannot attend.
  • Must have approval of the principal and band director.
  • There must be at least two months advance notice.
  • If participation creates a financial burden on the school or students, adequate compensation by the event sponsor should be provided to the school.
  • Parades should be during the regular school year.
  • Standard marching is expected, but with approval of the director and the principal, other modes of transportation during the parade may be used including on trailers, informal marching, etc.
  • Where there is no full uniform available, a common T-shirt type band shirt to be purchased by the student which would be theirs personally at the end of the school year.

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