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A094 - Workplace/School Visitors

 Administrative Letter #94 School/Classroom Visitors - Approved 02/12/2014; Updated 07/07/2017; Updated 10/25/21

District administration is concerned with what is best described as a growing trend of employees allowing or encouraging frequent visitors (spouses, children, and others) to their work locations during work hours.  Regretfully, this trend is becoming a problem.  Visitors have, on occasion, assumed work responsibilities, acted inappropriately, or created a distraction to the work of the employee or the educational environment.  In some cases, their actions have exposed the District or school to liability.  We certainly understand that problematic visits are an exception, and not the rule.  Unfortunately, to eliminate the numerous potential risks, we must end this practice. 

 With the exception of very infrequent and emergency-based brief visits, please advise your employees, teachers and staff they are not allowed to have children, spouses, or others attend work with them or visit during work time (unless it’s an emergency and with the approval of the building administrator).  It is also important to note that the school, classroom, or office location cannot substitute as a daycare facility for children.  Husbands or wives, albeit with good intentions, who simply want to serve as a volunteer, must not volunteer in the same classroom as their spouse.

 Thank you for your attention and understanding in this matter.


(Original Letter Content dated February 12, 2014 from Superintendent Larry Bergeson.)


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